No joy against Hackney 2 in the London League

Wednesday 14 March

Hackney 2 and Ilford had an average grade of 159 across their ten boards so a tight match was to be expected. There were familiar faces in the opposition and Les agreed an early draw with Gavin and invitation to head to the pub for a pint. David won in fine style with some nice finishing moves to take the point and at that stage the boards were looking promising, however, there were no more wins and we lost the match 4-6.

Hackney 2 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
Charles Hughes 180 1 – 0 Paolo Casaschi        (w) 174
John Tennyson 181 ½ – ½ Gary Thurston         (b) 173
Jonathan Benyunes 177 0 – 1 David Millward 167
Francis Chin 173 ½ – ½ Julian Hudson 169
Gavin Hughes 171 ½ – ½ Les Crane 164
Tobias Baumann 150e 1 – 0 Tom Barton 168
Salim Kriman 145e ½ – ½ Aidan Corish 148
Emyr Jones 153 1 – 0 Jason Klimach 146
Mark Rivlin 138 ½ – ½ Jeffrey Page 144
Ramon Jose 122    ½ – ½ Stephen Abbott 141

North Circular League: Grim night in Chingford

North Circular Chess League,   Division A    5.3.18

British Legion, Chingford

          CHINGFORD  5½-½  ILFORD

199 ROBERT EAMES            1-0  TOM BARTON (W)

154 PETER ROSE                    ½   SYD KALINSKY

14 9 DAVID BRADY               1-0  JASON KLIMACH


       ROBIN OAKLEY              1-0   default

       BRIAN SPEAR                  1-0   default

(From Jef’s notes) Another tough night in a run of … A bit of a broken record really.

Jason, unable to make any headway found Brady’s French Defence too tough a nut to crack. Jef sacc’ed a Bishop to destroy Morrell’s kingside defence, quickly won it back, and sent his  King scurrying for cover from g1 right the way over to b3. But, unfortunately, he couldn’t land the killer blow.

Syd did well to hold off Rose’s King’s Indian attack and Tom went close but couldn’t quite hold his endgame together as Eames won a Bishop and then launched an unstoppable a-pawn up the board. Hard times with defaults and match losses and relegation looms large.

Essex League: Another defeat against Wanstead

Essex Division 2
Date: Thursday 1 March 2018
Venue: Wanstead House

Board Wanstead II             6-2   Ilford
1 167   Whitton, Terry D ½-½   Barton, Tom A 165 (black)
2 162   Bancroft, Paul        0-1   Kent, Anthony R 151 (white)
3 160   Murrell, Mark R A 1-0   Klimach, Jason W 143
4 151   Jones, Keith S         1-0   Page, Jeffrey 146
5 134   Bui, Kyan               ½-½  Chauhan, Anurag Singh 126
6 140   Nickals, Peter         1-0   Tutu, Marshall 93
7 133   Smith, David          1-d    default
8 130   Siddo, Charlton     1-d    default

(Edited from Jef’s Notes).  Another grim night for Ilford among a bad run of grim nights. The Beast From The East was bringing more snow, but the match rightly went ahead as roads and public transport were all clear.

Jason found Mark Murrell’s Stonewall attack too clever for him and quickly got mated.  Marshall  had a material plus, got into a tangle as Nickal’s Q,N & B mounted strong attack. Anurag has started well for Ilford and his 2 long-range Bishops on an open board were a continual menace to Bui and a draw was soon agreed. Only on the top boards did we shine a wee bit. Tom’s Dutch Leningrad/Reversed Grand Prix defence held Terry Whitton. Anthony got out of some early difficulties and the position below was reached after, 38 Qc2 x g6  Qb7 x b2. White won quickly after that.

AK win v Wanstead.JPG

2 more matches to play.

Tom V Wanstead.JPGAnurag v Wanstead.JPG



Essex League: Defeat To Upminster and Points Deduction

Essex Chess League  Division 2

Redbridge Social Centre 26th February 2018

Board        Ilford                                           Upminster II
1          165 Barton, Tom A                   0-1   Khoda, Noor 175C
2          151 Kent, Anthony R               0-1    Iannetta, Robert 151C
3          149 Kalinsky, Syd M               ½-½   Abbott, Stephen J 145C
4          143 Klimach, Jason W            ½-½   Rahaman, Mustapha 137C
5          146 Page, Jeffrey                      0-1    Rosenfeld, Paul 133C
6          126 Chauhan, Anurag Singh 1-0     Biggs, Peter 132A
7          093 Tutu, Marshall                  0-1    Hannaford, Jamie 129C
8                  default                               d-1    Wicks, Stephen 116F

                                                ILFORD  2-6 UPMINSTER II

(Based on Jef’s notes) A tough night for Ilford.  We defaulted board 8 and Tutu, who was working late (but still good of him to come along and play), arrived with nearly 40 minutes down on his clock. He played into an endgame where he was pawns down against Hannaford, and the time pressure told against Marshall.

Jef forced the attack in my game but lost control and worse, overlooked the loss of a Bishop, but winning pawns he could probably have drawn. But likewise short of time, also misplayed the ending and couldn’t stop his h-pawn, which was covered by his Bishop, from queening.

On the top boards we got no joy as Khoda played well to beat Tom. Anthony got a good opening, but greedily took material offered and paid the price. Both Syd and Jason got equitable draws against Abbott and Rahaman. Our only bright spot of the night was Chauhan’s win over Biggs. It’s always satisfying when a new team member and debutant gets a win. Anurag completely outplayed Biggs’ Sicilian opening, cleverly won a pawn from which he never recovered and an easy endgame win was never in doubt.

8 cumulative defaults means a 2 point deduction. So with just 2 mins, we now only have 2 points. 3 Matches to Save Our Season. SOS – we need more players! 

London League win against the division table toppers Imperial

Tuesday 20 Feb

Ilford had a great result in winning against table topping Imperial. Imperial were missing a couple of top board players and Ilford were strong, but this is the first time Imperial have lost over the board this season, their only other loss was a defaulted match. Jason,  Julian and Kevin gave early points but from there on it was a slow grind to the win with David taking the team over the line with a draw after a marathon 98 moves, mainly in a queen, pawn and king versus queen and king endgame that he tried very hard to win.

David Millward reaching the end of his marathon 98 move game
1 Adam A Taylor 206 1 – 0 Chris Fegan 176
2 Sam J Porter 192 1 – 0 Paolo Casaschi 174
3 Thomas Donaldson 178 0 – 1 Kevin D White 175
4 Luke J Barron 160 1 – 0 Gary Thurston 173
5 Maximilian Eggl 157 ½ – ½ David Millward 167
6 Benjamin Nevett-Farman 157 0 – 1 Julian Hudson 169
7 Juan Manuel Arteaga 144 ½ – ½ Les Crane 164
8 Raphael Seidenberg e135 0 – 1 Tom Barton 168
9 Alexander Nielsen 117 ½ – ½ Anthony Kent 150
10 Ziyang Zhou e110 0 – 1 Jason Klimach 146

Essex League: More Woe Against Wanstead.

Now is the winter of our discontent……

Division 2

Date: Monday 5 February 2018

Venue: Redbridge Social Centre           Ilford 2-6 Wanstead II

Bd Ilford 2-6 Wanstead II
1 165A Barton, Tom A 1-0 Mulay, Partha 171A
2 151A Kent, Anthony R 0-1 Whitton, Terry D 167A
3 149A Kalinsky, Syd M 0-1 Staniland, Philip 160A
4 143C Klimach, Jason W 0-1 Murrell, Mark R A 160A
5 146C Page, Jeffrey ½-½ Barclay, Paul R 150A
6 132E Gericke, Grant 0-1 Bui, Kyan 134A
7 131B Ainkaran, Lavanan 0-1 Nickals, Peter A 140A
8 093F Tutu, Marshall ½-½ Smith, David 133B

(from Jef’s notes). Another bad night for Ilford, though we rather threw this one away as we had chances to do a lot better.

Bhui won pawns against Gericke, but he in turn opened up black’s defence, and had the chance to win a Knight as he pushed a pawn to d7. But failing to protect the lone soldier he allowed Bhui to guard his King . Then, fatally, Grant overlooked that his Queen which was left en pris. Lavanan could never hold the centre and he too got his Queen trapped after having already lost a Knight. Syd couldn’t advance his pieces against Phil Staniland and when he tried to break out it cost him pawns and a Knight. Jason, in a good position, went in for a Bishop sac’ on h7,  but was unable to follow it up adequately and quickly lost.

Jef got a quick grandmaster draw against Barclay;  he was more worried about his car which had broken down and wanted to get home. Tutu did very well, the best result on the night. Over 30 grading points down, he calmly drew against Dave Smith, particularly as Marshall having worked late, arrived 30 minutes late. Anthony Kent got a decent position from a transposed closed Sicilian. But, after too hasty king-side advances, Terry Witton won pawns and broke up white’s pawn attack. Tom managed to neatly free his minor pieces to force Mulay into resigning.

After a whole bunch of games we now have a few weeks relief. Next match:

Monday 26th February: Ilford v Upminster II.

Tutu vWW.JPG

Syd v WW.JPG



A poor London League performance against Mushrooms 1

Wednesday 7 February

On paper Ilford had a chance of a result against Mushrooms 1 who were only a little stronger than the Mushrooms 2 team played last week, however, nothing went Ilford’s way. Board 10 was defaulted and no one managed a win with the final score a 7.5 – 2.5 loss. The evening was partly summed up by Anthony’s draw. He had a winning position having queened a pawn but with his time almost spent, and his opponent not having mating material, a draw was agreed. Apart from Jef, all the drawing players had white!

Mushrooms 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
T. Oozeerally 182 1 – 0 Paolo Casaschi        (b) 174
R. O’Kelly 178 ½ – ½ Julian Hudson         (w) 169
L. Sanchez 170 1 – 0 Kevin D White 175
N. Faulks 167 ½ – ½ Tom Barton 168
D. Sedgwick 166 1 – 0 David Millward 167
R. Nash 158 ½ – ½ Anthony Kent 150
J. Rydahl 156 1 – 0 Aidan Corish 148
G. Alcock 149 ½ – ½ Jason Klimach 146
W. Faulks 140e ½ – ½ Jeffrey Page 144
C. Bardsley 140e    1 – 0 Default