Disappointing loss in final London League match of the 2017-18 season

East Ham 1 v Ilford 1
Wednesday 16 May 2018

For the second match in a row Ilford were never at the races. We started with a default and registered another to make it hard to get anything from the match but some of the games went away from us early. Steve Abbott registered the only win. Both Julian and Anthony had chances but both over-pressed.

Ilford are safe to return to the fray in Division 2 next season.

  East Ham 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 Nigel Fleming              (w) 179 ½ – ½ Tom Barton 168
2 Peter Jaszkiwskyj         (b) 174 1 – 0 Default  
3 John  Davenport 169 ½ – ½ David Millward 167
4 Edison Figueroa 168 1 – 0 Julian Hudson 169
5 Martin Baker 159 1 – 0 Aidan Corish 148
6 Mike Wickham 152 1 – 0 Anthony Kent 150
7 Peter Rose 148 1 – 0 Jason W Klimach 146
8 Roland Glotzer e145 1 – 0 Jeffrey Page 144
9 Matthew Baker 144 0 – 1 Stephen J Abbott 141
10 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
  Total   8 – 2  

Essex League – Loss Against Loughton

Another defeat in the Essex league (starting to sound like an old vinyl record with a jumping needle) to finish off the season.  Loughton have become a bit of a bogey team for Ilford, even in our good seasons, and we have not taken points off them in quite a while.

Essex Chess League 2017/2018   Division 2
Date: Monday 30 April 2018  Venue: Redbridge Social Centre

Board   Ilford   Loughton
1 154 Mugalu, Hassan ½-½ Bowmer, Kevin 180
2 151 Kent, Anthony R 0-1 Stirling, William J 177
3 149 Kalinsky, Syd d-1 Faulkner, David J 156
4 143 Klimach, Jason W 1–0 Kershaw, Graham J 140
5 146 Page, Jeffrey ½-½ Van Tol, Martin 137
6 132 Gericke, Grant 0-1 Moth, Simon C 131
7 126 Chauhan, Anurag Singh 0-1 Groce, Ken 121
8 93 Tutu, Marshall 1–0 Newby, Jonathan 114

(From Jef’s notes) Bill Stirling got the better of Anthony Kent with pressure down the h-file and central control. Bill was a pawn up and the Rook and Pawn endgame win for him was never in doubt. Grant got Simon Moth in an early tangle but slowly Moth managed to free and develop his pieces, force Grant back and he too couldn’t hold the ending being pawns down. Chauhan found Groce too tough and with his control of the open board, Anurag’s queenside defences became overloaded and he lost a Bishop.

The other games were more pleasant to watch. Mugalu had a tough time on board 1 controlling Bowmer’s attack ,but Hassan calmly held a level Rooks, N & pawns endgame.

Klimach had his pieces pinned down close to his back rank and seemed to be having difficulty developing them properly but Kershaw was in a similar problem. When Jason finally won control of the c-file and the white squares around Kershaw’s uncastled King the win was assured.


Our final winner, long overdue after many defeats, was Marshall. Even though he arrived 30 minutes late,  did well to beat Newby by crippling his kingside and winning pawns to secure a won endgame.


A disappointing end to a dismal season in the Essex League where our cumulative defaults have been highly damaging, and this match was no better. We can only hope for better things next season, particularly with some new players on board.

Heavy defeat in the London League

Ilford 1 v Dulwich 1
London League – Wednesday 25 April 2018

Ilford weren’t at the races for this match suffering a heavy defeat against the division’s bottom team 1.5 – 8.5. Dulwich had turned out a strong team but even so this was an evening that didn’t go right from the moment the toss was lost. Anthony Kents’s game was probably the only one where we had winning chances but in the end we only scored through three draws.

  Ilford 1 GRADE SCORE Dulwich 1 GRADE
1 Paolo Casaschi             (b) 174 0 – 1 Ryan Randall 211
2 Julian Hudson              (w) 169 0 – 1 Andrew Pridding 197
3 David Millward 167 0 – 1 John Mackinnon 195
4 Tom Barton 168 0 – 1 Peter Andrews 176
5 Les Crane 164 0 – 1 Haran Rasalingam 168
6 Anthony Kent 150 ½ – ½ Gerry Peebles-Brown 159
7 Aidan Corish 148 ½ – ½ Vincent Homolka 158
8 Jason W Klimach 146 ½ – ½ Marlon Andre Seton 147
9 Jeffrey Page 144 0 – 1 Oliver Morley 141
10 Grant Gericke 139 0 – 1 Slobodan Svircevic e140
  Total   1½ – 8½  

Essex League – Defeat to Wanstead

This season, we have performed creditably in London League Division 2 and North Circular ‘A’ division. But, no escaping the fact that this is probably our worst ever season in the Essex League, as we head towards relegation to the third tier. In the world of football, the likes of Manchester City and Wolves have recovered from double relegation and prospered, as we will again. We are attracting new players, and squad availability, depth and strength should improve going forward. New members are very welcome to join us in this journey.

Essex Chess League 2017/2018

Division 2 Date: Thursday 19 April 2018 Venue: Wanstead House

Wanstead White on odds

Board Wanstead III 5½-2½ Ilford
1 Chirea-Florica, Tedor-Alin 1 – 0 Barton, Tom 165A
2 134A Bui, Kyan ½-½ Mugalu, Hassan 154A
3 138A Collyer, Alex ½-½ Kent, Anthony 151A
4 130A Siddo, Charlton 1 – 0 Kalinsky, Syd 149A
5 142C Lu, Andy W H 0-1 Page, Jeffrey 146B
6 130A Haddock, Paul ½-½ Chauhan, Anurag Singh 126E
7 120B Sharman, Jay 1 – 0 Tutu, Marshall 093F
8 126B Sweeney, Kevin M 1-d (default)

(Edited from Jef’s notes) Tom Barton was always under pressure on top board, as 2 central pawns came his way. Marshall, although he nicked a pawn, never had good development against Sharman. Syd lost early control against Siddo, and the decision to castle queen side did not go well, as black’s supported a and b pawns led the victory charge to an unstoppable checkmate.

Jef was our only winner taking advantage of Lu’s weak opening. When he couldn’t make progress on the king-side, Jef switched wings, and won the c-pawn backed up by two deadly raking Bishops and centered Rooks.


Our remaining bright spots included Anurag holding his position against Haddock’s Sicilian opening. Anthony Kent had some initiative in a closed Sicilian opening, but did not follow it up. Newcomer Hassan Mugalu forced a draw by repeating rook moves against Bui,  who is clearly a rising star. Black’s has 2 extra pawns, but his queen needs to remain on the d file (final position below).


One more match to go in the Essex League: Monday 30th April, 7.30pm: Ilford v Loughton

Good Draw Against Chingford in NCCL A

After being stuffed 5 1/2 – 1/2 when we went to their place last month, a 3-3 tie in the return match was a good result, particularly as our average grade was 133 versus 146.

North Circular Chess League Division A    Redbridge Social Centre, 16th April 2018

Ilford GRADE SCORE Chingford 1 GRADE
1 Anthony Kent (W) 151 ½ – ½ Gavin Hughes 164
2 Syd Kalinsky 149 ½ – ½ Peter Rose 154
3 Jef Page 146 ½ – ½ David Brady 149
4 Malcolm Gesthuysen 132 1 – 0 Robin Oakley 149
5 Anurag Chauhan 126 ½ – ½ Brian Spear 143
6 Marshall Tutu 93 0 – 1 John Stevens 117
Total 3– 3

(Edited from Jef’s notes) A good way to finish our final match of the season which should ensure our safety from relegation and the drop back to Division B. There were some very good results for our players against Chingford (who outgraded us on every board).

Syd Kalinsky played into a Vienna opening and set up a blockade which Rose couldn’t break down. Anthony Kent and Gavin Hughes settled for a draw in an even middegame (final position below, black to move)


Brian Spear won pawns against Anurag down the c-file, but with a Knight and Rooks potentially causing trouble for Brian, a draw was soon agreed.  Jef somehow held off Brady’s queenside attack against his weak opening, but came up with a tactic to trap his Queen which he could only save by giving up both of his Bishops. On an open board a draw was agreed.

Malcolm was our winner when Oakley misjudged his position in a sharp line of the Steinitz Variation against the French Defence. Things went badly and he lost his Queen for a Knight (see picture below) whilst our only loser was Marshall who, forfeiting too much time on the clock, couldn’t make it up.

Considering we were a promoted club and hanging on a bit, a good end to the season which has been tough against some very strong teams. All being well we will continue in this top division next season.

Malcolm’s position a few moves before white resigned.



Tough Challenge in the London League

Monday 9 April 2018
Drunken Knights 2 v Ilford 1

Division 2 table topping Drunken Knights 2 were going to be a challenge. As expected we were heavily out-graded but it went as far as our top board matching their lowest graded player! Having defaulted two boards before starting it was clear that a team result was very unlikely so it was an opportunity for those playing to throw caution to the winds and play for a win against higher rated opponents. In this vein David had an excellent win, Paolo threw everything into attack to obtain a draw and Aidan also gained an excellent draw. Everyone else played well and had opportunities in their games – an entertaining evening for all. Julian initially adjourned his game but after overnight deliberation gave it up as lost.

Julian discusses his game


  Drunken Knights 2 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 Carsten Pedersen 202 ½ – ½ Paolo Casaschi        (w) 174
2 Rhys Cumming 199 1 – 0 Gary Thurston         (b) 173
3 Tomer Eden 198 0 – 1 David Millward 167
4 Chris Russell 196 1 – 0 Julian Hudson 169
5 Richard Black 195 1 – 0 Les Crane 164
6 Anthony Fulton 189 1 – 0 Tom Barton 168
7 Doug Bennett 174 ½ – ½ Aidan Corish 148
8 Michael Green 177 1 – 0 Anthony Kent 150
9 Walkover   1 – 0 Default  
10 Walkover      1 – 0 Default  
  Total   8 – 2  




Hurrah – finally a win in the NCCL Div A!

Ilford v Wanstead 2 – North Circular Chess League, Div A
Mon 26 March 2018

This match was probably the relegation decider between Ilford and Wanstead 2. It didn’t start too well as Jason’s king was under attack early, Anthony had to defend carefully against Larry who’d given up a pawn for an initiative and Syd was playing a sharp game against Philip. Malcolm and Jason lost, but many thanks to Malcolm for playing tonight and giving us a full team! Anurag was always in control of his game and won and Philip got his pieces in a bit of a tangle allowing Syd to also convert. At 2-2 the match depended on boards 1 and 2. Having held his position together despite Larry’s probing Anthony got the opportunity to exchange down into an opposite coloured bishop endgame and held for a draw. Tom’s game was a Leningrad Dutch, to his advantage as Partha hadn’t seen this before and he got well ahead on the clock. After some tactics he managed to pick up a pawn and desperate for counter-play and running short of time Partha blitzed out some moves that ended with his queen getting trapped.

 With the win and earlier draw against Wanstead 2 the league position is Ilford above them. Assuming neither team win any more matches Ilford will presumably stay in Div A.

  Ilford GRADE SCORE Wanstead 2 GRADE
1 Tom Barton             (b) 165 1 – 0 Partha Mulay 171
2 Anthony Kent          (w) 151 ½ – ½ Larry Marden 177
3 Syd Kalinsky 149 1 – 0 Philp Staniland 160
4 Jason Klimach 143 0 – 1 Mark Murrell 160
5 Malcolm Gesthuysen 132 0 – 1 Alin Chirea-Florica 150e
6 Anurag Chauhan 126 1 – 0 Jay Sharman 121
  Total   3½ – 2½  



The match underway!