9 man Ilford Hold Metropolitan

One of the hardest parts of the night for some was just finding the venue…

Ilford squeezed a good result out of this match holding Metropolitan to a draw when we only had 9 players, starting the match 1 down. All our players were outgraded, by an average 11 points a board, and Jef’s opponent Fraser Lees was above him by 31 points! Jef wriggled out of a poor Queen’s Gambit middle game to run an unstoppable c-pawn aggressively up the board supported by his Queen to force a draw.

Neville Twitchell offered his opponent an early draw, which was declined. A level endgame of R+N v R+B with pawns on both sides looked like being a long drawn out affair when he suddenly blundered horribly allowing his to penetrate and deliver mate. Anthony Kent jumped on a careless move by S Roy to pick off a knight, and Julian Hudson also won well. Aidan Corish couldn’t make much progress but his bishop and pawns held Sommer’s knight and pawns in a level endgame.

In captain Tom Barton’s absence, thanks to Kevin White for being an able deputy.

We need more players: anyone fancy a London League match?


Board Home player                   Result    Away player

one  Tanguy Deflesselle 197        1-0       Paolo Casaschi  175
two Petr Vachtfeidl 182               0-1        Neville H Twitchell 173
three Marek Vlcek 177                 1/2       Kevin D White 172
four D Ian Calvert 177                  1/2       Gary Thurston 165
five George Dickson 169              1-0       Leslie J Crane 165
six Aditya Turakhia 170               0-1      Julian Hudson 154
seven Martin C Sommer 159       1/2      Aidan T Corish 159
eight Soumen Roy 155                   0-1     Anthony R Kent 153
nine Fraser A Lees 161                  1/2       Jeffrey Page 130
ten    Walk Over                              1-0      Forfeit
match result:                                    5 — 5
Mean grading Home team: 171.9 Away team: 160.7 Δ = 11.2

Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

Chess Player

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