Ilford beat Barking B in Rapidplay KO

Essex Chess KO Rapidplay Round 1 6th July 2017 BARKING II  v  ILFORD

Rnd 1  Rnd 2

129 (R) ROBIN OAKLEY  0-1    ½   NEVILLE TWITCHELL  166 (R)

125 (R) G ANSARI              ½     ½   ANTHONY KENT 167 (R)

138 (R) GEORGE MONK   0-1 1-0  SYD KALINSKY  141 (R)

113 (S) ROB STEBBINGS   ½    ½   JASON KLIMACH 129 (R)

86 (S) ALEX BOWHILL     0-1  0-1  JEF PAGE

1-4  2½-2½  

3½ – 6½

A Balmy July night at the Catholic Church of Saint Mary and Saint Ethelburga in Barking. Ilford won the match in the first round of games against Barking 2nd team, which was a bit weaker than us on paper. The 2nd round was much tighter and ended level.
In round 1, Jef struggled through the middle game against Bowhill’s Caro Kann but  outplayed Alex in the endgame to win pawns on both wings of the board, whilst in game no.2 he blundered badly in the opening and Jef trapped a Bishop inside 10 moves and he resigned.
Kalinsky was lucky in his 1st game when with Monk winning the endgame easily,. However George erred badly in a Rook and pawn endgame and lost his Rook in the time scramble. In game 2, Syd made a mess of the opening and there was no reprieve this time. The top boards were tight. Neville won well in the 1st game but in the 2nd Oakley went a pawn up but in the time scramble couldn’t find the win.  Jason Klimach had good chances to clinch a win but couldn’t find the correct moves to gain a point. Anthony Kent took both draws that were offered by his opponent. The first draw offered by white (diagram – black to move) was accepted due to complexity in available time, but either 17..Nxg2 or Nf5 are decent for black (according to the computer).


Our reward for this victory is a quarter-final tie home to Basildon sometime before 4th August.



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