NCCL – An Ilford score of two halves

North Circular Chess League   DIVISION A
Ilford 1½ – 4½  Chingford I
29 October 2018

An Ilford score of two halves: the top half good, the bottom half bad.

Neville has had some good wins over Gavin Hughes but this time Gavin found a better defence and held. Tony played well to gain a half and Tom almost won a R&P endgame against Brady. Tom played well, until he was a pawn up, then it got shaky as Brady’s play sharpened up and he clawed the pawn back and secured a draw.

Syd won a pawn but couldn’t hold on, I blundered in the endgame when running out of time also a pawn up with a good position, and Brian Spear made short work of Marshall. We let this match slip away too easily as we should have made the score much closer.

Jef Page.

Ilford 1 Grade Result Chingford 1 Grade
Neville TWITCHELL 174 ½-½ Gavin HUGHES 157
Tom BARTON 166 ½-½ David BRADY 156
Anthony KENT 151 ½-½ Peter ROSE 158
Syd KALINSKY 141 0-1 Peter BURGOYNE 152
Jef PAGE 139 0-1 Robin OAKLEY 145
Marshall TUTU 94 0-1 Brian SPEAR 146

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