Good performance in final NCCL match

North Circular Chess League  Division A
Thursday 16 May, Wanstead House E11.
Report by Jef Page

               WANSTEAD I  3½ – 2½   ILFORD

183                   V PAROLS   1-0  SYD KALINSKY
165                   KYAN BUI  0-1  VENKATESH SUBRAMANIAN

Although we lost our final match this season in the A division, Wanstead accorded us the accolade (not wanted) of turning out their strongest team including an IM. Maybe we don’t need any more accolades like this, but we actually all played really well with some excellent individual results. The match result was tight, none of us blundered our games away and we introduced a debutant player who more than held his own and won- the first time for ages a new player has had such a great baptism for Ilford.

Although Neville wanted the white pieces as usual I lost the toss but as black he successfully held off Artur Sygulski’s (IM) attack and calmly stayed equal into the level minor piece and pawns endgame. A draw against an IM in the Essex League is no mean result. Tony Kent found brother Pavel Sygulski no easier and once it went down to a R and pawn endgame the result was not in doubt. Syd likewise did well to hold off Parols into the Bishop and pawns ending but Syd’s B was tied down and useless and slowly but surely Parols advanced to queen a pawn. I likewise stopped Spearman breaking through easily (who usually plays on board 1- just shows how they brought in even far stronger players) but I couldn’t hold him back in the centre and queenside as his Queen & pawns broke through. But there were two good results for us. Jason was under tremendous pressure on the kingside as Perez-Carbello attacked down the h-file but suddenly Perez overlooked a simple mate threat and Jason took is chance. On bottom board Venkatesh Subramanian made his debut for Ilford against a top team (he just walked into the club a few weeks ago and asked to play) but out of a Sicilian Dragon opening he got control of the c-file and rising star Kyan Bui suffered the indignity of losing his Queen.

It shows what we can do when we turn out a strong, full team. We will probably drop down into the B division (not too willingly- if Loughton take promotion) which may suit us and gives us a bit of respite care.


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