Heavy defeat in North Circular Chess League opener

North Circular Chess League  – Division A
14 October 2019
Report by Jef Page


162 Tom BARTON    ½  Jeff GOLDBERG  186
141 Syd KALINSKY 0-1 Peter JASZKIWSKYJ  167
e150 Venkatesh SUBRAMANIAN  0-1 John WHITE 165
145 Jason KLIMACH  0-1 Colin RAMAGE 158
128 Jef PAGE 0-1 Ken CLOW  138
e130 Taha UNDRE    ½   Steve BERKLEY  115

The opening match of the season is always looked forward to, but yuk! What a way to start, trounced by Barking. A grim night where none of our players could gain a win but we did well to hold 2 boards against a top team.

Colin Ramage’s Morra Gambit was all over Jason Klimach as his open board Sicilian fell apart and Jason was stopped from castling and stuck with a King in the middle of the board with no escape. I could never develop properly as Ken Clow kept the centre buttoned up tight and as he expanded the queen-side, I lost control of his advancing c and d pawns. Syd Kalinsky was outplayed by Peter Jaszkiwskyj, and Venkatesh Subramanian couldn’t stop a central  wedge of pawns following a complicated middle game exchange with John White getting both his Rooks onto the dominant 7th rank. Our only successes were Tom Barton doing well again in holding Jeff Goldberg’s Caro-Kann to share a drawn game and Taha Undre who, although his K-side looked vulnerable, successfully held off Steve Berkley. 

We have the return match to look forward to! Barking’s venue on Thursday 24th October – 1 player still needed.


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