London League – another defeat against Streatham & Brixton

BoardStreatham & Brixton 2Ilford
Wednesday04/03/2020difference (Δ)
oneLiam M Hylands s184A (W)1-0Paolo Casaschi es170 (B)14
twoMartin G Smith s170B1-0Dee Fault
threeJagdip Patel s168C1-0Gary Thurston s152C16
fourKostyantyn Titorenko s167B1/2-1/2Anthony R Kent s158A9
fiveAndrew Ponting s164D1-0Andrew Medworth s146A18
sixAntony C Hall s163A1-0Jason W Klimach s145C18
sevenJames Fox s151A0-1Venkatesh Subramanian es1501
eightDavid A Varley s147A1-0Aidan T Corish s146A1
nineJohn McKenna s131A0-1Gideon Vecht s142B-11
tenStuart McCormack s97C0-1Jeffrey Page s128B-31
Mean gradingHome team: 154.2Away team: 148.6Δ = 5.6
NotesIlford Board 2 did not show up.

We have known better evenings. The board order reflected the January 2020 ECF gradings for the first time to alter the board order a little. We only managed to pick up up half a point on the top 6 boards where we were outgraded (An Italian 4 knights draw on board 4 got the half). On board 3, Gary Thurston got tied down to his back rank in a locked position with a bishop stuck on a8. Andrew Medworth could not recover from a pawn down. Jason Klimach bravely castled queen-side against a modern defence and got heavily attacked on the queen-side.

We were relatively stronger on the bottom 4 boards. Board 7 saw a fine combination win for Venkatesh Subramanian.  Jef Page put strong pressure on his opponent’s back 2 ranks, and a slip up gave him a back rank mate. Aidan was material down in a queen and pawn ending and lost. Gideon Vecht was last to finish with some advantage in a king and minor pieces ending. Eventually, he was left with just an unstoppable solitary pawn to win.


Under pressure on board 3. Draw agreed on board 4.
Boards 5 to 9


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