Kings held in the House of Lords

Thursday 19th November 2020 in the online League of Mayhem 2020 Result and links to games below

 Lords of Hackney                                    llford Kings

  1. Jonnyt    (2020/176)        [W]          1 – 0       Chessleveller   (1923) 
  2. Marceli123 (1769/143)    [B]          1 – 0        qvenky              ( 1818)  
  3. Jmorgan (Est 1690/Est 132)  [W]   0 – 1       Chessbore (1750) 
  4. Marc1959 (1660 / 128)      [B]         0 – 1      Lakshan18  (e1450)   

Some very interesting games in this match!

A tight game for Neville on Board 1. His opponent won a pawn then always kept control of the position. When centre pawns started marching down the board Neville couldn’t stop a passed pawn being created and when it hit the seventh rank it was only a matter of technique by his opponent.

On board 2, Venkatesh’s faced the Albin Counter-Gambit and built up a nice position. But an ill advised pawn grab of a d pawn on move 12 allowed his opponent to castle queenside with the initiative. His position crumbled despite his spirited attempts to find counter-play.

Board 4 saw Lakshan’s opponent misplaying a very level queen and rook endgame, instead of trading off for what was very probably a draw.

So everything hung on a thriller in Anthony’s game on Board 3. His opponent played the white side of a Yugoslav attach against the Sicilian Dragon, playing the natural looking 14. Bh6? (below) which was a mistake. Black spotted 2 sound sacrifices on offer: RxN(d4) or Nxe4. The first was better per the computer, but black played the second one.

14…Nxe4 15. NxN RxN 16 Qe3 Qa4

Black is clearly better at this point but did not follow up so well, allowing white back more into the game. In the end, black had a bishop and three extra pawns against a rook. With time short, it swung towards Anthony, who pushed his pawns for a win to tie the match at 2-2


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