Comfortable London League Win

GLCC 2 v Ilford 1, London League D3 East, 22 March 2022
Tom Barton

This was a very comfortable win of 6.5 – 1.5 and a winning first outing for Ilford by Rahul on board 3.

We out-graded our opponents so the result went with that. Neville had a very interesting double edged game that was agreed drawn in a complex position with both clocks very low. Game here.
I was always slightly on the back foot in a Dutch and my opponent gained a queenside passed pawn which proved decisive.

Full result below, thanks to all who played.

1James McDonnell1858½ – ½Neville Twitchell       (w)1923
2Tony Packham18031 – 0Tom Barton                (b)1908
3Aron Penczue18000 – 1Rahul Ghosee1850
4Matthew Taylore17000 – 1Venkatesh Subramanian1818
5Martin Leman15400 – 1Anurag Chauhan1773
6Robert Gordon14650 – 1Shakeel Choudhury1660
7Gordon Broadbent14200 – 1Jef Page1630
8Delroy Bennett13200 – 1Taha Undre1540
 Total 1½ – 6 ½  


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