Easy Baum League Win

North Circular Chess League, Ilford v Chingford 27 June 2022
2 games with reversed colours. Rapid time control 20+10
Jef Page (28.06.2022)

                                               ILFORD   7-1  CHINGFORD

                                                        Rd 1   Rd 2

1997             DLAWAR HAMEED   1-0   1-0   DAVID BRADY  1816 (1902 R)


1854           NEVILLE TWITCHELL  1-0    1-0    BRIAN SPEAR  1741 R

1874                    TOM BARTON   1-0    1-0    STEVEN KLEIN  1517

Ilford won the toss, White on odd boards round 1
Result on the LMS here.

Illness took a toll of this match. One of our players couldn’t make it due to Chicken Pox (!), whilst one of Chingford’s members had caught Covid equally contagious and unavailable. So an easier win than expected for Ilford and on another day a few games could have gone against us. In round 1 Dlawar came up with a neat pawn sac that won the exchange and Tom’s hybrid Alekhine/French Defence held back Klein’s attack and when he left f2 unguarded his K-side collapsed.

On boards 2 and 3 it proved much harder for us.  Venkatesh- promoted due to his good results, held off Robin’s central play but when the g-file opened up it left Oakley’s King open and vulnerable. Neville found Chingford captain Brian Spear’s counter play tricky and only when Neville brought his Queen into the attack did Brian mess up an exchange of bits.

In round 2 we could have lost both boards 1 and 2. Dlawar lost control of a minor piece & pawns ending but this time Brady blundered into a N fork that cost him a Rook. Venkatesh meanwhile tried to attack with Q&B down the diagonal to mate Oakley but he allowed Robin to invade the back rank with his Queen and whilst a repetition of moves seemed likely, Oakley pulled off the win. Tom won easily in round 2 catching Klein with a Rook sac, but Neville had to work hard to convert a R&P endgame into a win with seconds remaining.

So Ilford get onto the scoreboard after our narrow loss to Wanstead.


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