Essex Summer Knockout Plate

Plate semi-final: Wanstead B v Ilford
2 games of G20+10 with colours reversed between rounds
Tuesday 2 August 2022 Tom Barton

Having lost 6-4 to Barking A in the first round of the ECA Summer knockout we entered the Plate competition. With Jef Page away I captained the team in what was a tight match where we had a grading point advantage on the higher boards but not on the lower boards.

Round 1 saw us take a good lead, 3.5 – 1.5 with a nice win from Rayyan on board 5 under time pressure. Round 2 didn’t go so well as we lost on boards 4 and 5 early on. Neville halved out against the Wanstead draw expert, Paul Barclay, and Rahul won. I was last to finish. I managed to get a rook trapped and gave up a piece for two pawns and had a losing position. I hung on in the time scramble for a draw which gave us a match winning score putting us through to the Plate final where we will meet either Barking B or Thurrock.

Result on the ECF LMS: Wanstead B v Ilford

And the results in the Essex Summer KO are here: ECA Tables


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