Essex D3 – Close fought match

Ilford 2 v Wanstead 3, Monday 17 October 2022.
5 board match, G80 + 10
Tom Barton, captain.

This was a tight match won by Wanstead 3-2.

Euan opened up the centre before castling and rapidly ran into trouble which lost his queen. Jiayi reached a level middle game with opposite side castling but when his opponent sent pawns down the board to attack his king Jiayi didn’t get counterplay going on the opposite wing which left him under pressure. So we went two down but then both Dan and Rayyan played nice attacking chess using pressure to create mistakes and win, this levelled the match up at 2-2. So the match result hung on Biel’s game. He’d gone a pawn up with a slightly better position but his opponent gained pawn activity and pressure that proved decisive.

Given the Wanstead team were very experienced and out-graded us heavily this was a good showing.

Thanks to David and Krish on the Wanstead boards 4 and 5 who went through some game analysis with Euan and Jiayi.

Full details of the result are on the ECF LMS here


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