Defeat to BBCA in London League


                                 ILFORD           2-6   BRITISH BANGLA CHESS ASSOCIATION 

1.1965        NEVILLE TWITCHELL 0-1   J RUDOVANOVIC  2288 

2.1929                  RAHUL GHOSE 1-0  S SAIDMURODOV 2142 


4 1792                       TONY KENT 1-0   O OKUSANYA  1916  

5.1644                          JEF PAGE  0-1  T KHAN   1907 

6. e.1650              DANIEL LOWE 0-1  O FINNEGAN 1832 

7. 1575                  TAHA UNDRE 0-1  M ALAHI  1825  

8.                                      default  0- 1 M ISLAM  1812  

Ilford Black on odds. Time control 75 minutes + 15 seconds per move increment

From Jef Page’s notes. A grim night in every way. Dreadful wet weather, train delays, byzantine instructions on how to find the way around Bethnal Green and get into St Margaret’s House (the roads don’t seem to have names on them) and not the best playing conditions. Oh-and on top of that Jef lost the toss, we had a defaulted board and a walloping from BBCA who were very strong.  And those were the good points.   

Being a bit too busy trying round-up lost, bewildered players outside in the road got poor Jef got soaked for his trouble before trying to break out of a cramped position that disintegrated in the frantic endgame. Two very good wins from Rahul Ghoseh on board 2 and Tony Kent on board 4. Board 4 saw a Scicilan Grand Prix attack that black underestimated. Position on white’s move 25 below. RxN! does lead to checkmate (thank you, computer) but white chose the slower Rh4 which wins a bit slower.

Win on Board 4

On board 4, Daniel tried for the quick win but it rebounded on him as Finnegan calmly counter-attacked and picked off a loose piece. Thanks to everyone for making the journey. At least we know the way for next time.

Action on the top 4 boards


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