Essex D3 Loss

Essex D3 match – Ilford 2 v Upminster 3 – Monday 5 December 2022.
5 board match, G80 + 10
Tom Barton, captain.

A match that started well but went away from us. Both Jiayi and Euan came through the opening well and both had very encouraging positions at that point. Adhar took control of his game where his opponent tried to block the position with pushing many pawns forward but only ended up creating weaknesses which Adhar exploited well to win. After that nothing went our way. Mahammed found the experienced Mustapha too difficult and lost his way and both Jiayi and Euan’s games went away from them in the middle game to lose. Last to finish was Rayyan who went for the attack but didn’t have enough and was left with a king in a very exposed position which proved terminal. So a 4-1 loss.

The full match score and grades are here:


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