London League drubbing

A bit of a drubbing to finish the year. Despite being heavily out graded initially things were going reasonably well and it looked as though we would challenge East Ham.  Jef got a reasonably easy draw against Colin Ramage who swapped down to a very drawish endgame. However, after that thing started running against us and apart from Rahul’s excellent win on board 2 against a 2125 (Rahul is in fine form) the rest of the games were lost. Last to finish were Neville and myself. I got to a levelish endgame against Dave Sands but dropped a pawn and in the time pressure the game went away from me. Neville, a pawn down, looked to have found a way to draw a rook and opposite coloured bishop endgame but also under time pressure blundered. Full match details on the LL website.

Neville playing the endgame

Thanks to all who played and got there despite the icy pavements and rail strike.

Board                                 East Ham 1                                       Ilford 1 

1 (B)       2246        Sands, David A                  1 – 0       Barton, Tom A   1935
2 (W)     2125         Nikolaienko, Dmytro    0 – 1       Ghose, Rahul      1929
3 (B)       2025        Fleming, Nigel D             1 – 0       Twitchell, Neville H         1965
4 (W)     1990        Jaszkiwskyj, Peter  1 – 0     Subramanian, Venkatesh               1801
5 (B)       1900        Ramage, Colin R               ½ – ½      Page, Jeffrey      1644
6 (W)     1890        Figueroa, Edison               1 – 0       Undre, Taha       1575
7 (B)       1804        Naumov, Igor                    1 – 0       Jaiswal, Adhar    1556
8 (W)     1761         Berkley, Stephen W         1 – 0       Obiols, Biel         1618
Average  1968                                      6½ – 1½ Average               1753


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