Top of Essex D2!

Wanstead 2 v Ilford 1, Tuesday 17 January 2023.
Essex D2, 6 board match, G80 + 10
Jef Page, captain.

           WANSTEAD II  1½ – 4½  ILFORD I
1908  MARK MURRELL  ½   TOM BARTON  1935  w
1820      I KARACSONY  0-1  TONY KENT 1792
1688     ZOE VESELOW 0-1   ADHAR JAISWAL 1556
1828                      Average grade                       1830

Two evenly strong teams saw Ilford come up trumps though perhaps the score was a bit generous in our favour.

The match started quietly with Tom taking a quick grandmaster draw but from here on everything got better. Tony Kent said he might be late but made it in time to put in a powerful pawn-storm against Karacsony who castled O-O-O straight into trouble barely extricating his Queen. To escape cost him his Queen’s Rook and with no development his Kings Rook & Bishop made no moves and went straight back into the box. [see game below]

Teams in play

Rahul had a very tricky middle-game and was in difficulty but went into the endgame a Rook for Bishop and pawn up but Terry, with 2 connected passed pawns, sent them up the board to win. Venkatesh always had the better of Barclay and with his Rooks & Bishops commanding the c-file and swarming all round Paul’s King eventually the pressure told. Similarly Neville got a strong grip on Staniland’s position and when he got command of the 7th rank threatening checkmate, Phil couldn’t break out and it cost him his Queen. The one game that looked in doubt was Adhar’s whose Greco Counter-Gambit cost him doubled pawns and the loss of 2 pawns in the opening against Veselow. But as the game went on she allowed him to get both Rooks on the 7th rank and backed up by a Bishop, young Zoe blundered a Rook and the game.

We lead division 2 with 4/4 though we have Barking, 3/3, yet to play.

Kent v Karascony

B12 Caro-Kann Defense: Maróczy Variation

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. f3 dxe4
Black is best not taking on e4 but playing something else, e.g. e6 or Qb6 and leaving White’s f3 pawn hindering development.

4. fxe4 Nf6 5. Nc3 Bg4 6. Be2 Bxe2 7. Ngxe2 Nbd7?
7…..e5 is much better for Black
8. O-O Qb6 9. e5 Ng4 10. Na4 Qa5 11. c4 O-O-O 12. b4 Qxb4

13. Qc2 f6 +- and now Black is under severe pressure and Anthony has a few ways to win and does so in style 14. Rb1 Qa5 15. Bd2 Qa6 16. e6 Nb6 17. Nxb6+ axb6 18. Rb4 Qa5 19. Ra4 Qh5 20. Bf4 Rd6 21. Ra8+ Kc7 22. c5 bxc5 23. dxc5 g5 24. cxd6+ exd6 25. Bg3 Ne3 26. Qd2 Nxf1 27. Qa5+ and with mate imminent Black finally concedes


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