London League – decent team performance

London League D2 match – Wimbledon 1 v Ilford 1 – 12 May 2023.
8 board match, G75 + 15
Tom Barton, captain.

Board        Wimbledon 1                     Ilford 1            
1 (W)     2024      Dubey, Mark J                   ½ – ½               Barton, Tom A    1867
2 (B)       1998      Heppell, Ian N                   ½ – ½               Twitchell, Neville H          1954
3 (W)     1908      Hughes, Anthony              0 – 1               Subramanian, Venkatesh               1847
4 (B)       1858      Boyce, Mike A                   1 – 0               Page, Jeffrey       1706
5 (W)     1846      Carpenter, Stephen CD   0 – 1               Obiols, Biel         1610
6 (B)       1823      Fincham, Leon HJ             1 – 0               Undre, Taha        1605
7 (W)     1770      Rennie, Gordon                1 – 0               Faheem, Muhammad      1511P
8 (B)                      Not Named                        1 – 0               default

Once again we were out graded across all boards in a match and we also defaulted board 8. Given this, it was a good performance by the team for a 5-3 loss with a couple of smooth wins by Venkatesh (a Queen’s gambit declined into a Semi-Slav, Marshall Gambit variation with complications ) and Biel.

Taha had a very exciting and wild game that went away from him. Jef was put under positional pressure which eventually told. Neville had the better of his game and maybe shouldn’t have swapped Queens off to an opposite coloured bishop endgame. I had an even game until I started running low on time at which point my opponent played a poor move and gave me a real advantage with a passed pawn, unfortunately with less than 5 minutes on my clock I didn’t find the most accurate continuation and despite analysis showing a further opportunity to win I dropped into a Queen and pawn endgame on which I agreed a draw. Last to finish was Muhammed who had a good game but it went away from him in the final stage of a king and pawn endgame.

Games: for Hughes v Subramanian and Dubey v Barton can be found here:


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