No Tricks, No Treats, Just Defeat

Essex Chess League  Division 2   31.10.17
            UPMINSTER II 5½ – 2½  ILFORD

Board 1 169 NOOR KHODA     0-1 NEVILLE H TWITCHELL 168 w
Board 2  148 AIDAN CORISH    ½  TOM BARTON 168 b
Board 3 147 ROB IANNETTA    ½ ANTHONY  KENT 150
Board 4 137 J HANNAFORD     ½  SYD M KALINSKY 148
Board 5 131 P ROSENFELD     1-0 JEF PAGE 144
Board 7 S ABBOTT                   1-0 default
Board 8 M RAHAMAN             1-0 default

(Fom Jef’s notes) Not the best way to start the Essex League season. Decent results on the first 4 boards, but with 2 defaults we were badly hampered. Train problems did not help either.

On top board Neville was our only winner as Khoda went for a win in an advantageous rook ,knight and pawn endgame. However, he over-pressed, which allowed Nev to queen a pawn and the game then quickly ended. Both Tom and Anthony,  who were affected by the  train delays to Upminster, both drew in long endgames, as did Syd.

Lavanan pushed a pawn up the board supported by a Bishop but unable to force it home. Johal was able to line up his Q, B and R to break into his defence. Jef  was 2 pieces up (!), with his very exposed king sitting behind his opponents pawn on h2. He was winning comfortably, but fell into a Halloween horror checkmate.



A good night down the Pub

Drunken Knights 3 v Ilford London Division 2 23rd October 2017. Ilford lead 5.5 – 3.5 with one game adjourned

one Patryk Stanisz 197            1-0 Chris Fegan 176 (W)
two Diana Serbanescu 183     1-0 Gary Thurston 173
three Douglas A Bennett 173  0-1 Paolo Casaschi 174
four William Taylor 178          adj Julian Hudson 169
five Habib Rahman 154       1/2-1/2 Tom A Barton 168
six Colin Rigby 155                   0-1 Neville H Twitchell 168
seven Greg J Breed 146           0-1 David Millward 167
eight Dickie Geddis es130       0-1 Anthony R Kent 150
nine Kishan Pattni 146            0-1 Aidan T Corish 148
ten David A Grange 109          1-0 Jason W Klimach 146

A good evening at the Plough, Museum Street, London WC1. The lighting at Drunken Knights’ excellent home venue has been improved during the summer!

DK23 October.JPG


Ilford were stronger on the bottom 6 boards. These games all finished first giving, us a strong 4.5 – 1.5 start. David Millward’s game went 1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 e5 3. BC4 a6? 4. Qh5 and black was already losing a pawn


Anthony Kent had a double-edged Sicilian Dragon, going …..15 e5 (below) to liven things up. Game went 16. Nxb  axB 17. Bxb Ke7 and black has 2 pawns for the piece and the advantage . Computer likes 17. Qxd for equality.


Good win for Paolo Casaschi on board 3 gave Ilford the match. We eventually lost hard fought matches on boards 1 and 2.

Chris Fegan fighting hard in his board 1 match which went right to the end:


Ilford beat Lewisham in Season Opener

London League Division 2 4th October 2017

Ilford White on odds

Ilford    beat      Lewisham           5.5 – 4.5


Chris Fegan 176             Harry Dixon 184               1/2

Gary Thurston  173       Mark M Robertson 194    1/2

Paolo Casaschi  174       John Pallen  163                 0-1

Julian Hudson  169        Tim Gluckmann 171          1-0

David Millward  167      Sydney J Jacob  166           1/2

Neville H Twitchell 168 Peter R Wood 151              1/2

Les Crane 164                  Martin Stewart 166           1-0

Jeffrey Page 144              Zia Mehmet 151                  1/2

Aidan Corish   148          David E Brown 152             1-0

Grant Gericke   139         Cem Oyvat   141                   0-1

Ilford hammered by Basildon in Summer Rapidplay K.O.

Rapidplay: Ilford 1½-8½ Basildon

The score says it all really. Ilford’s top board, Neville, got stuck in a motorway traffic jam and hence missed the first round but Ilford were never in contention in this match faring little better in round 2. So Ilford depart this year’s Essex summer K.O.tournament.

Round 1

TOM BARTON         0-1   D KRASZESWKI    179R
TONY KENT              ½    S CLARKE              165R
SYD KALINSKY       0-1   R BARA                   163S
JEF PAGE                  0-1    D FLYNN               158S
½ – 4½

Round 2

TOM BARTON                   ½      S CLARKE
TONY KENT                     0-1     S BARA
SYD KALINSKY               0-1     P LAUNDY
JASON KLIMACH             ½      D FLYNN
1 – 4

Final score                    1½-8½

Ilford won the toss, white on odd boards Round 1.
R= Rapidplay grade, S= Standard

Tony Kent (Black, to move) draw from round 1. Was running out of time, but computer likes  a4 then a3 for Black,



Ilford won the toss, white on odd boards Round 1.
R= Rapidplay grade, S= Standard

Ilford beat Barking B in Rapidplay KO

Essex Chess KO Rapidplay Round 1 6th July 2017 BARKING II  v  ILFORD

Rnd 1  Rnd 2

129 (R) ROBIN OAKLEY  0-1    ½   NEVILLE TWITCHELL  166 (R)

125 (R) G ANSARI              ½     ½   ANTHONY KENT 167 (R)

138 (R) GEORGE MONK   0-1 1-0  SYD KALINSKY  141 (R)

113 (S) ROB STEBBINGS   ½    ½   JASON KLIMACH 129 (R)

86 (S) ALEX BOWHILL     0-1  0-1  JEF PAGE

1-4  2½-2½  

3½ – 6½

A Balmy July night at the Catholic Church of Saint Mary and Saint Ethelburga in Barking. Ilford won the match in the first round of games against Barking 2nd team, which was a bit weaker than us on paper. The 2nd round was much tighter and ended level.
In round 1, Jef struggled through the middle game against Bowhill’s Caro Kann but  outplayed Alex in the endgame to win pawns on both wings of the board, whilst in game no.2 he blundered badly in the opening and Jef trapped a Bishop inside 10 moves and he resigned.
Kalinsky was lucky in his 1st game when with Monk winning the endgame easily,. However George erred badly in a Rook and pawn endgame and lost his Rook in the time scramble. In game 2, Syd made a mess of the opening and there was no reprieve this time. The top boards were tight. Neville won well in the 1st game but in the 2nd Oakley went a pawn up but in the time scramble couldn’t find the win.  Jason Klimach had good chances to clinch a win but couldn’t find the correct moves to gain a point. Anthony Kent took both draws that were offered by his opponent. The first draw offered by white (diagram – black to move) was accepted due to complexity in available time, but either 17..Nxg2 or Nf5 are decent for black (according to the computer).


Our reward for this victory is a quarter-final tie home to Basildon sometime before 4th August.


London League: Ilford finish 6th

With Gary Thurston agreeing a draw in his adjourned game Ilford has drawn it’s final match against Wanstead & Woodford.

With all matches in Divison 2 now complete Ilford’s final position at the end of the season is 6th with 6 from 11 match points which is a good return. The team has generally out-performed on grading and played tenaciously as evidenced by the four drawn matches achieved, including draws against the two top teams, Cavendish and Wanstead & Woodford. Ilford will be in Division 2 again next season and Tom Barton intends to continue as captain.  See the London League web-site for full details:

NCCL: Ilford beat Loughton to win division and promotion

Redbridge Social Centre 5th June 2017

ILFORD                            4½-½   LOUGHTON II
ANTHONY KENT            1-0       SIMON MOTH b 139
SYD KALINSKY               1-0       MARTIN VAN TOL w 132
JASON KLIMACH             ½       B JONES b
GRANT GERICKE            1-0      GORDON CLARKE w 101

(based on Jef’s notes)


Uncork the champagne, spray it around, book the open-topped charabanc.

After an exceptionally long chess league campaign of 16 matches: won 12, drew 3, lost only 1, we had hoped we would go through the season unbeaten as the new Invincibles. But, we didn’t quite make that. But still a great entry into this new NCCL venue for us. We overwhelmed Loughton, who have proved troublesome in the past, and did the double over them by the same score. None of our players was losing, though Grant Gericke wriggled out of a difficult Schliemann opening to trap Clarke’s Bishop and from here he quickly checkmated Gordon. Jason Klimach had the advantage against Jones Caro-Kann, with pressure down the e-file with doubled-rooks and Queen. But despite a stronger centre, he took a draw as time was short.



The top three games were all interesting, with two of them, boards 1 & 3, being long drawn-out endgame studies showing good technique. Groce had some advantage in the opening but Neville won a pawn & marched it up the board, protected by his Rook, to promote to a queen.

Likewise Syd also was a pawn ahead and to advanced his King, Rook and rook’s pawn to victory.


Anthony Kent’s opening was fairly typical: few pieces exchanged and none venturing past the 4th rank. But when he brought his Queen & Knights into the fray they arrived with force, and came up with a delightful Knight sac’ to finish the game with an unstoppable mate. (After black played ..h6, white went Ng3 to h5.)


So we finished top: 1st Ilford 27 points, 2nd Chingford 25, 3rd Barking 19 pts, with Barnet, Enfield & Wanstead trailing behind.

Top players include: Neville Twitchell 9½/12, Syd Kalinsky 8½/13, Jef Page 6/9, Leonardo Stefanoni 5½/6  Anthony Kent 4/8. Full stats will be available for our AGM.

As champions we will be promoted into the A division next year- up with the big boys. But there is also scope for us to enter a new team in this league to give all of our members a regular game.

Ilford level in season’s final London League match


Wanstead arrived at the match yesterday with promotion to D1 secure but wanting a win to finish top of division 2. Another good performance by the out-graded Ilford team sees the match all square with Gary’s position adjourned.

  Wanstead & Woodford 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 D. Spearman 194 ½ – ½ Paolo Casachi         (b) 175
2 J. Boardman 187 1 – 0 Neville Twitchell    (w) 173
3 P. Bancroft 175 0 – 1 Kevin D White 172
4 D. I. Reynolds 175 0 – 1 Tom Barton 167
5 S. Rix 174 1 – 0 David Millward 166
6 I. D. Hunnable 174 Adj Gary Thurston e164
7 T. Whitton 166 ½ – ½ Aidan Corish 159
8 L. Marden 173 ½ – ½ Julian Hudson 154
9 P. Staniland 166 ½ – ½ Anthony Kent 153
10 P. Barclay 162 ½ – ½ Jason W Klimach 148
Total 4½ – 4½

The last game in the last match of the season goes to adjournment. Ian Hunnable (Wanstead, on the left) considers his sealed move against Gary.


The adjourned position, Ian Hunnable (Wanstead) has sealed his next move as black.


NCL – Home win against Barking

Monday 22nd May 2017   North Circular Chess League Division B,  Redbridge Social Centre

ILFORD  3½-1½ BARKING II (Barking had White on odd boards as the away team.)
ANTHONY KENT          ½ KEN CLOW b 151
SYD KALINSKY              ½ G ANSARI 140
JASON KLIMACH         1-0 TONY LOH 105

From Jef’s Notes

A good night for Ilford which keeps us top of Division B. We were always leading in the match and we did well to hold the three top boards and win the bottom two.
Alex Bowhill caught Tutu with a Knight fork of both of Marshall’s Rook’s which he’d overlooked, so winning a Rook for a Knight. But then Alex blundered his advantage away by losing a Bishop and worse, managed to get his King caught in a net and was checkmated by Marshall’s Queen & Bishop. This was followed up by Jason Klimach who held the advantage from the opening and having chased Loh’s King down to b3 (!), mated him with Rook, Knight & pawns. So 2-nil up and rolling.
On the top boards it wasn’t so easy. Kent’s white-side of a Reversed Leningrad Dutch (or Bird’s) Defence looked like glue and with few bits exchanged a draw was agreed. Kalinsky had to grapple with a ‘Fried Liver’ type of attack and counter-attacked strongly, but with Ansari defending adroitly Syd took a draw to seal the match win. On board 1, Twitchell won a pawn out of a Sicilian Morra Gambit Declined. But his pawn advantage was weak and as the endgame drew near, his position cost him a Bishop but fortunately Neville had won enough pawns to stop Colin Ramage gaining a win.

With one match to go we lead the division. Win our last match, against Loughton on 5th June and we are champions and promoted!

London League: Ilford lose to Dulwich


Monday – 8 May 2017

Toss won by Ilford

Starting a man short, we achieved a narrow 6-4 defeat. Good win for Kevin White with a 2 pawn advantage in a rook ending. Strong attack by Julian Hudson, and back rank mate by Jason Klimach scored 2 more wins. Now 4.5 points after 9 games.

  Dulwich 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 R. Randall 210 1 – 0 Paolo Casachi         (w) 175
2 A. Pridding 199 1 – 0 Neville Twitchell   (b) 173
3 G. Peeebles-Brown 169 0 – 1 Kevin D White 172
4 M.A. Seton E150 ½ – ½ Tom Barton 167
5 V. Homolka 149 ½ – ½ Les Crane 165
6 O. Morley 145 0 – 1 Julian Hudson 154
7 S. Svirvevic E140 1 – 0 Aidan Corish 159
8 M. Wooster 140 1 – 0 Anthony Kent 153
9 S. Lightbown E120 0 – 1 Jason W Klimach 148
10 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
  Total   6 – 4