London League: Ilford lose to Dulwich


Monday – 8 May 2017

Toss won by Ilford

Starting a man short, we achieved a narrow 6-4 defeat. Good win for Kevin White with a 2 pawn advantage in a rook ending. Strong attack by Julian Hudson, and back rank mate by Jason Klimach scored 2 more wins. Now 4.5 points after 9 games.

  Dulwich 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 R. Randall 210 1 – 0 Paolo Casachi         (w) 175
2 A. Pridding 199 1 – 0 Neville Twitchell   (b) 173
3 G. Peeebles-Brown 169 0 – 1 Kevin D White 172
4 M.A. Seton E150 ½ – ½ Tom Barton 167
5 V. Homolka 149 ½ – ½ Les Crane 165
6 O. Morley 145 0 – 1 Julian Hudson 154
7 S. Svirvevic E140 1 – 0 Aidan Corish 159
8 M. Wooster 140 1 – 0 Anthony Kent 153
9 S. Lightbown E120 0 – 1 Jason W Klimach 148
10 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
  Total   6 – 4  

Comfortable London League Win v Athenaeum

Athenaeum 2 v Ilford   London Division 2   Wednesday 3rd May 2017


Home player


Away player

difference (Δ)


Ti Chen s176A


Kevin D White s172A



Carl J Hetherington s171B


Neville H Twitchell s173A



Geoff R Hermes s155D


Tom A Barton s167B



Charles Davie s147F


Gary Thurston es165



Steve Madden s152C


David Millward s166A



Adrian M Davies s131C


Julian Hudson s154A



Martin D Leanse s122B


Aidan T Corish s159A



Tristan Dolphin es60


Stephen J Abbott s147C



Samuel Burrows es100


Anthony R Kent s153A



Patrick Hill es70


Jeffrey Page s130B


Mean grading

Home team: 128.4

Away team: 158.6

Δ = -30.2

match result: 2.5 — 7.5

With Atheneaum on 3 points and ourselves on 3.5 points before the match, a reasonably close match was to be expected. In the event, we significantly outgraded our opponents by an average of 30 points, particularly on the lower boards.

A comfortable 7.5 = 2.5 win to Ilford.

Played 8 with 4.5 points. 3 matches to go in 2016/2017 season



Narrow defeat to Loughton

Essex Chess League  Division 2      At Redbridge, 3.April.2017

ILFORD  3½-4½ LOUGHTON             Ilford Black on odds

A poor and disappointing way to finish the Essex League season for Ilford. After a run of 5 match wins we finished with 3 straight losses: Won 6, lost 4 (twice to both Southend & Loughton), and 1 draw.

  2. TOM BARTON                 0-1  BILL STIRLING 175
  3. ANTHONY KENT            0-1  BRIAN SPEAR  151
  4. SYD KALINSKY               1-0  GRAHAM KERSHAW 139
  5. JASON KLIMACH           1-0  SIMON MOTH  139
  6. JEF PAGE                         0-1  KEN GROCE  139
  7. UMAR YUNIS                  0-1  MARTIN VAN TOL 132

Lavanan crashed into Newby’s defence winning a Rook & pawn for a Bishop and Knight and from here on never let up as he won the endgame. But conversely Yunis lost pawns and found it tough going against Van Tol.



(from Jef’s notes) Tom Barton couldn’t make any headway against Stirling’s Sicilian opening and Twitchell had to think very carefully to hold Bowmer who won a Rook for a Bishop and pawn but fortunately Neville played well to hold him back and secure a half. Moth tried to break open Klimach’s defence but Jason secured his King safely and with pawns to the good Jason forced the exchange of Queens to win the ending.


Kershaw built up a strong position against Kalinsky whose pieces seemed misplaced but unable to find the correct continuation, Gary sacrificed a piece in vain and lost the ending. The match result hinged on Kent’s game, the last to finish. Although doing well (see below) Anthony played 32..NxB? rather than maintain the tension and was unable to hold the centre as Brian Spear marched a pawn down the board to e2 backed up by a Rook and Knight.

Loughton April17

Great Thanks to both Umar Yunis and Marshall Tutu who both rushed down to the Club to cover a last minute default.
So it’s division 2 again for us next season as we have come up well short. Southend should be promoted as top if they win their last match, so at least no distant travelling to face to them away


NCL: Win at Barking – Top and Unbeaten

A good win for Ilford holding the top two boards and winning the bottom 3 where we were much stronger.

Barking 2     v Ilford  Thursday 30 March 2017

  1. 158 C.Ramage ½-½ N.Twitchell 172
  2. 151 K.Clow      ½-½ T.Barton 170
  3. 140 G.Ansari    0-1  S.Kalinsky 148
  4. 137 V.Chtym    0-1  J.Klimach 147
  5. 105 T.Loh         0-1  J.Page 137

(Jef’s notes) Tom Barton’s Sicilian Defence looked to be in jeopardy as Ken Clow had the opportunity to win a Rook. Although he went a pawn up, Tom won it back and levelled to gain a draw. Jef trapped Loh’s Queen. Syd beat Ansari by opening his King’s defence with a strong Queen, minor piece and double-Rook attack. Jason found it tougher against Chtym but Vladimir fatally loosened his grip on the position allowing Klimach to castle to safety. Even though Jason just had seconds remaining but a good pawn ahead, he easily won the Queen & pawn ending. The toughest game of the night went to Neville whose favourite Queen-pawn opening tore in Ramage’s position. Though Neville went two pawns up, he couldn’t quite make the extra pawns count as Colin defended adroitly in a Bishop of opposite colour ending.

We are now two clear points ahead at the top of the division with a game in hand, with three matches left to play .


Excellent London League Performance

Although out-graded across the boards the London side had a very good performance this evening to lead 5-4 against D2 second placed Cavendish 2. Neville’s adjourned game has him a pawn down but with opposite coloured bishops there are drawing chances.

1            J. T. Farrand        175        ½ – ½     Paolo Casaschi        (b)         175
2            P. J. Gregory       178        Adj        Neville Twitchell    (w)        173
3            B. N. Green         181        0 – 1      Kevin D White              172
4            A. Scrimgour      181        1 – 0      Tom Barton              167
5            C. C. Sherwood   173        0 – 1      David Millward              166
6            S. Reuben           170        0 – 1      Gary Thurston              E164
7            M. St. J. Brown   177        ½ – ½     Les Crane              165
8            H. J. Waterman   173        ½ – ½     Julian Hudson               154
9            D. Wright            170        1 – 0      Aidan Corish              159
10          A.C.P. Milnes     167        ½ – ½     Anthony Kent              153        

Neville’s adjournment position. Black to move – Gregory has sealed.


Neville considers his adjournment position


Kevin closing in on his win


David also heading for victory




Beware the ides of March

Loughton forms part of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ where Essex Celebrities live, but after this match it felt more like the Bermuda Triangle.

Essex Chess League Division 2
At Loughton, 15th March 2017        Time Control: 80 minutes plus 10 seconds per move

LOUGHTON                              7-1   ILFORD
1. 179 KEVIN BOWMER           1-0   172 NEVILLE TWITCHELL (B)
2. 175 BILL STIRLING              1-0   170 TOM BARTON (W)
3. 158 DAVID FAULKNER        ½    153 ANTHONY KENT
5. 139 SIMON MOTH                ½     137 JEF PAGE
6. 139 KEN GROCE                   1-0    139 GRANT GERICKE
7. 132 MARTIN VAN TOL        1-0    116 LEONARDO STEFANONI
8. J NEWBY                               1-0   Default

(From Jef’s notes) Following last week’s defeat at Southend, a poor night for Ilford as we again had a default and the games which we were winning slipped away out of our grasp. Not a single winner amongst us: Two draws do not a good evening make.

Grant, after his sparkling win at Southend, rashly sacrificed a piece against Groce’s French defense. However, he badly miscalculated as Groce was able to whisk his King out of the centre, castling to safety on the queen-side and swiftly counter attack. Leonardo had Van Tol tied up, but then also let it slip as one of his pieces got pinned and the game was lost. Kalinsky had Kershaw on the ropes as Syd attacked strongly with Queen, Rook and Knight, He sacrificed a Bishop seeking checkmate, but overlooked a back rank mate against himself.

On the top boards Tom found Bill Stirling’s Sicilian Dragon/Maroczy Bind Sicilian difficult to break down. Although it went to the endgame, Bill was able to invade with his remaining Rook to win the ending. Similarly, Neville had Bowmer’s pieces swarming all over him and likewise was overwhelmed at the end, relying on the 10 second’s per move at the finish. Anthony Kent defended well to earn his half, and likewise Jef held his position together facing doubled Rooks and the possible fatal loss of a pawn. He managed to swap pieces off to a Knight and 6 pawns level ending.

Return match against Loughton in Early April. Hopefully we can finish the Essex season in style.

Tense finish on top board

Loughton March17

Seaside Blues

Essex Chess League, Division 2  10th March 2017


179  HOWARD GRIST            1-0  NEVILLE TWITCHELL (W) 172


175 MATTHEW SHAW           ½   SYD KALINSKY 148


163  STEVE WEDLOCK           0-1  GRANT GERICKE 139

150 DENIS DARTNELL           1-0  NICK PELLING 116


131  COLIN NEWTON              1-0  default

(From Jef’s notes). Not our best evening at the seaside having arrived a man short. We were always behind in the match, though there was an excellent win from Grant Gericke.
Leonardo lost a knight very quickly and was soon lost, but Neville had Grist on the ropes. But from there on it all went somewhat pear-shaped for Ilford. Jef wriggled out of Westrap’s attack and put in a fierce counter-attack getting both Queen and Rook to the 7th. Unfortunately, he could not quite find the right moves as time ran out. Then, Neville lost his grip on Grist’s position and blundered away the endgame. Pelling likewise could not hold a Bishop and pawns ending.

Syd did well to stay level with Shaw whilst Neil Sutherland lost a Rook for a Bishop and the game against Tom Barton’s Sicilian opening. Grant won a Knight against Wedlock and then Gericke’s own 2 Knights & Queen hopped over the board to checkmate Wedlock.

This now leave Southend with a clear blue water for a run at winning division 2 and promotion to the top flight.

Ilford all at sea.