Honours Even against Enfield

NCCL  Division B Redbridge Social Centre, 30.1.17

ANTHONY KENT 153 b          ½   D McNISH  148  w
JASON KLIMACH                   0-1  P GILBERG 133
SYD KALINSKY 148               ½   D EFTHYMIOU 129
UMAR YUNIS 118                  ½   K KYRIACOU  124

(from Jef’s match notes) Unfortunately we couldn’t force the match win.The match started badly for Ilford. Klimach mistimed his opening against a French defence allowing his King to get stuck in the centre, and without adequate development soon lost a Bishop and the game. Umar Yunis developed nicely against Kyriacou’s Sicilian but as pieces were swapped off a draw quickly ensued. Likewise, Syd’s advantage of a pawn wasn’t enough and when Efthymiou won it back a draw was soon agreed. We managed to get level when out of Lavanan’s opening, Maher went to win  a very poisoned a pawn on which he choked and self- trapped his own Queen, which in the end to extricate itself cost him 2 pieces!

(Anthony’s notes). Match level, last game to finish on board 1. Got to play my favourite Leningrad Dutch, and built up a strong attack against McNish. Move 24, black to move below.  For example, Fritz gives fxe3 a whopping plus 4.5, as a big swap on d5 follows, then black gets a discovered attack on white’s Queen, winning comfortably. Lots of other good lines (e.g. Qb8, Bxd4). I played NxB, which is decent, but dissipates some pressure. After a swap off, the advantage fell away, and a level endgame ensued.


So we have lost our advantage and now go level top with Chingford. Barking can also catch but we have very good chances of winning the NCCL B division.


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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