Beware the ides of March

Loughton forms part of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ where Essex Celebrities live, but after this match it felt more like the Bermuda Triangle.

Essex Chess League Division 2
At Loughton, 15th March 2017        Time Control: 80 minutes plus 10 seconds per move

LOUGHTON                              7-1   ILFORD
1. 179 KEVIN BOWMER           1-0   172 NEVILLE TWITCHELL (B)
2. 175 BILL STIRLING              1-0   170 TOM BARTON (W)
3. 158 DAVID FAULKNER        ½    153 ANTHONY KENT
5. 139 SIMON MOTH                ½     137 JEF PAGE
6. 139 KEN GROCE                   1-0    139 GRANT GERICKE
7. 132 MARTIN VAN TOL        1-0    116 LEONARDO STEFANONI
8. J NEWBY                               1-0   Default

(From Jef’s notes) Following last week’s defeat at Southend, a poor night for Ilford as we again had a default and the games which we were winning slipped away out of our grasp. Not a single winner amongst us: Two draws do not a good evening make.

Grant, after his sparkling win at Southend, rashly sacrificed a piece against Groce’s French defense. However, he badly miscalculated as Groce was able to whisk his King out of the centre, castling to safety on the queen-side and swiftly counter attack. Leonardo had Van Tol tied up, but then also let it slip as one of his pieces got pinned and the game was lost. Kalinsky had Kershaw on the ropes as Syd attacked strongly with Queen, Rook and Knight, He sacrificed a Bishop seeking checkmate, but overlooked a back rank mate against himself.

On the top boards Tom found Bill Stirling’s Sicilian Dragon/Maroczy Bind Sicilian difficult to break down. Although it went to the endgame, Bill was able to invade with his remaining Rook to win the ending. Similarly, Neville had Bowmer’s pieces swarming all over him and likewise was overwhelmed at the end, relying on the 10 second’s per move at the finish. Anthony Kent defended well to earn his half, and likewise Jef held his position together facing doubled Rooks and the possible fatal loss of a pawn. He managed to swap pieces off to a Knight and 6 pawns level ending.

Return match against Loughton in Early April. Hopefully we can finish the Essex season in style.

Tense finish on top board

Loughton March17


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