NCL: Win at Barking – Top and Unbeaten

A good win for Ilford holding the top two boards and winning the bottom 3 where we were much stronger.

Barking 2     v Ilford  Thursday 30 March 2017

  1. 158 C.Ramage ½-½ N.Twitchell 172
  2. 151 K.Clow      ½-½ T.Barton 170
  3. 140 G.Ansari    0-1  S.Kalinsky 148
  4. 137 V.Chtym    0-1  J.Klimach 147
  5. 105 T.Loh         0-1  J.Page 137

(Jef’s notes) Tom Barton’s Sicilian Defence looked to be in jeopardy as Ken Clow had the opportunity to win a Rook. Although he went a pawn up, Tom won it back and levelled to gain a draw. Jef trapped Loh’s Queen. Syd beat Ansari by opening his King’s defence with a strong Queen, minor piece and double-Rook attack. Jason found it tougher against Chtym but Vladimir fatally loosened his grip on the position allowing Klimach to castle to safety. Even though Jason just had seconds remaining but a good pawn ahead, he easily won the Queen & pawn ending. The toughest game of the night went to Neville whose favourite Queen-pawn opening tore in Ramage’s position. Though Neville went two pawns up, he couldn’t quite make the extra pawns count as Colin defended adroitly in a Bishop of opposite colour ending.

We are now two clear points ahead at the top of the division with a game in hand, with three matches left to play .



Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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