A good night down the Pub

Drunken Knights 3 v Ilford London Division 2 23rd October 2017. Ilford lead 5.5 – 3.5 with one game adjourned

one Patryk Stanisz 197            1-0 Chris Fegan 176 (W)
two Diana Serbanescu 183     1-0 Gary Thurston 173
three Douglas A Bennett 173  0-1 Paolo Casaschi 174
four William Taylor 178          adj Julian Hudson 169
five Habib Rahman 154       1/2-1/2 Tom A Barton 168
six Colin Rigby 155                   0-1 Neville H Twitchell 168
seven Greg J Breed 146           0-1 David Millward 167
eight Dickie Geddis es130       0-1 Anthony R Kent 150
nine Kishan Pattni 146            0-1 Aidan T Corish 148
ten David A Grange 109          1-0 Jason W Klimach 146

A good evening at the Plough, Museum Street, London WC1. The lighting at Drunken Knights’ excellent home venue has been improved during the summer!

DK23 October.JPG


Ilford were stronger on the bottom 6 boards. These games all finished first giving, us a strong 4.5 – 1.5 start. David Millward’s game went 1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 e5 3. BC4 a6? 4. Qh5 and black was already losing a pawn


Anthony Kent had a double-edged Sicilian Dragon, going …..15 e5 (below) to liven things up. Game went 16. Nxb  axB 17. Bxb Ke7 and black has 2 pawns for the piece and the advantage . Computer likes 17. Qxd for equality.


Good win for Paolo Casaschi on board 3 gave Ilford the match. We eventually lost hard fought matches on boards 1 and 2.

Chris Fegan fighting hard in his board 1 match which went right to the end:



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