No Tricks, No Treats, Just Defeat

Essex Chess League  Division 2   31.10.17
            UPMINSTER II 5½ – 2½  ILFORD

Board 1 169 NOOR KHODA     0-1 NEVILLE H TWITCHELL 168 w
Board 2  148 AIDAN CORISH    ½  TOM BARTON 168 b
Board 3 147 ROB IANNETTA    ½ ANTHONY  KENT 150
Board 4 137 J HANNAFORD     ½  SYD M KALINSKY 148
Board 5 131 P ROSENFELD     1-0 JEF PAGE 144
Board 7 S ABBOTT                   1-0 default
Board 8 M RAHAMAN             1-0 default

(Fom Jef’s notes) Not the best way to start the Essex League season. Decent results on the first 4 boards, but with 2 defaults we were badly hampered. Train problems did not help either.

On top board Neville was our only winner as Khoda went for a win in an advantageous rook ,knight and pawn endgame. However, he over-pressed, which allowed Nev to queen a pawn and the game then quickly ended. Both Tom and Anthony,  who were affected by the  train delays to Upminster, both drew in long endgames, as did Syd.

Lavanan pushed a pawn up the board supported by a Bishop but unable to force it home. Johal was able to line up his Q, B and R to break into his defence. Jef  was 2 pieces up (!), with his very exposed king sitting behind his opponents pawn on h2. He was winning comfortably, but fell into a Halloween horror checkmate.




Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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