NCL: Narrow defeat to Barking

North Circular League    Division A

                     At Barking,   4th January 2018

               BARKING I  3½-2½   ILFORD

North Circular League Division A

At Barking, 4 January 2018


198 DAVID SANDS       ½ NEVILLE TWITCHELL 168 (black)

188 JEFF GOLDBERG 0-1 TOM BARTON 168 (white)

169 JOHN WHITE        ½ ANTHONY KENT 150


156 KEN CLOW           ½ JEF PAGE 144

125 V CHTYM             1-0 GRANT GERICKE 139

(From Jef’s notes) Considering the grading advantage Barking had, this was only a narrow win for them over Ilford. We were not outclassed, particularly on the top boards. But on the bottom 3 boards it was a different story.

Gericke’s opening was good and he had an easy chance to win a piece but overlooked the correct way of capturing it. Worse,  he missed the best defence of his King and got mated. Syd Kalinsky likewise started well but then had a spot of  hari-kari by castling queenside straight into an attack from Ramage. Jef had to untangle his pieces to hold off Ken Clow who got confused as the best way to continue, and Anthony Kent did well to stop John White as both Tony and Jef were a pawn down. But on boards 1 and 2 we did very well. Twitchell played nicely to get a draw out of David Sands and Tom did even better against Jeff Goldberg who got lured into a rare mistake with Tom forcing the play down the queenside and c-file, coming up with final wining sacrifice.

We are playing well but struggling against 1st teams and still seek our first win.

Final position from J White v A Kent, board 3. Computer agrees position is even as White (to move) is weak on b3.





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