NCL: Sicily, Latvia – we still can’t beat Barking

North Circular Chess League, Division A Redbridge Social Centre, 15.January.2018



TOM BARTON 168                 ½ E FIGUEROA 168 b

ANTHONY KENT 150            ½ JOHN WHITE 169

JASON KLIMACH 147           0-1 COLIN RAMAGE 159

SYD KALINSKY 148               ½ KEN CLOW 156

JEF PAGE  144                        1-0 VLADIMIR CHTYM 125

(Edited from Jef’s notes) Ramage played a Latvian gambit and Jason went into a very sharp line. Unfortunately,  he misjuded his Queen attack and lost a piece to Colin. From here on we were always playing catch-up and although we came close to leveling, it was never enough. Jef outplayed Chtym, crippling his Sicilian opening and then trapping his misplaced Queen.

Jef board 6.JPG


Kalinsky & Clow played into a level, minor piece & pawn draw.

Syd v Barking.JPG

Anthony Kent and John White had another closed Sicilian contest, probing for an opening against each other, and both settled for a half (computer agreed).

Board 3 draw.JPG

Tom had a tough game against Figueroa. He held off Edison’s Rooks and Queen, and was able to launch a counter-attack that looked good enough to queen a pawn first down the a-file and square the match. But likewise Figueroa ran his pawn down the h-file and it still remained level. On board 1 Goldberg’s strong central attack with Q,R&N proved decisive.

So yet again Ilford went down to a narrow defeat and we have yet to score our first match win in this league and top division. Tough times, we must beat someone!



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