Essex League: Narrow win over Wanstead III

Essex Chess League Division 2 22.Jan.2018  Redbridge Social Centre


Ilford White on odd boards

 1.  NEVILLE TWITCHELL  168    1-0   PETER NICKALS  144 (black)

2.  TOM BARTON  168                    1-0   ANDY LUI  144 (white)

3. ANTHONY KENT  150                1-0  DAVID SMITH 146

4. SYD KALINSKY  148                   0-1  KYAN BUI  127

5. JASON KLIMACH  146                 ½  CHARLTON SIDDO  129

6. JEF PAGE  144                              1-0  KEVIN SWEENEY  130

7. GRANT GERICKE  139                0-1  BEN HARTE  125

8. LAVANAN AINKARAN  134      0-1  VIC FULLER 116

(From Jef’s notes) Ilford had to rally strongly from being 0-3 down.

The match started badly for us. Grant Gericke had a strong attack, putting good pressure on his opponents exposed King. However, he neglected to guard his h2 pawn well enough,  misplayed his defence and was quickly defeated. Ainkaran entered Rook and Pawn  ending with 2 strong central connected passed  pawns. But, it was not to be, and he lost to Wanstead captain Fuller. Syd got his King stuck in the centre with his kingside opened up. Thereafter, we recorded 4 straight wins,  and nearly got another. Having new digital clocks for all boards, and playing 80 minutes plus 10 seconds a move, possibly won us the match in the end.

Jef’s opening was a disaster, and he had to cede Rook for Bishop. But, he caught Sweeney with a skewer that won the exchange back and was THEN able to free his pieces. Anthony Kent castled queen side to open up lines for a kingside attack. But, this led to an double-edged game with attacks on both flanks. Kent won material, and later won the game with a powerful threat of checkmate or loss of further material. Both Twitchell and Barton played carefully to win pieces and were never threatened. The final game to finish was Jason Klimach’s. He had a terrific kingside attack which looked unstoppable. But, an error as time got short allowed Siddo to not only halt the mating threats but win a piece in the ending. A time scramble of repeated queen checks by black ensued. Then, an illegal move was made by Siddo ,costing him 2 minutes. Jason held on to secure a half and win us the match.

Jasons game v W3

2 wins and 2 defeats. With this win we go bouncing up to the giddy heights of 3rd– at least for the moment.



Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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