Essex League: Defeat To Upminster and Points Deduction

Essex Chess League  Division 2

Redbridge Social Centre 26th February 2018

Board        Ilford                                           Upminster II
1          165 Barton, Tom A                   0-1   Khoda, Noor 175C
2          151 Kent, Anthony R               0-1    Iannetta, Robert 151C
3          149 Kalinsky, Syd M               ½-½   Abbott, Stephen J 145C
4          143 Klimach, Jason W            ½-½   Rahaman, Mustapha 137C
5          146 Page, Jeffrey                      0-1    Rosenfeld, Paul 133C
6          126 Chauhan, Anurag Singh 1-0     Biggs, Peter 132A
7          093 Tutu, Marshall                  0-1    Hannaford, Jamie 129C
8                  default                               d-1    Wicks, Stephen 116F

                                                ILFORD  2-6 UPMINSTER II

(Based on Jef’s notes) A tough night for Ilford.  We defaulted board 8 and Tutu, who was working late (but still good of him to come along and play), arrived with nearly 40 minutes down on his clock. He played into an endgame where he was pawns down against Hannaford, and the time pressure told against Marshall.

Jef forced the attack in my game but lost control and worse, overlooked the loss of a Bishop, but winning pawns he could probably have drawn. But likewise short of time, also misplayed the ending and couldn’t stop his h-pawn, which was covered by his Bishop, from queening.

On the top boards we got no joy as Khoda played well to beat Tom. Anthony got a good opening, but greedily took material offered and paid the price. Both Syd and Jason got equitable draws against Abbott and Rahaman. Our only bright spot of the night was Chauhan’s win over Biggs. It’s always satisfying when a new team member and debutant gets a win. Anurag completely outplayed Biggs’ Sicilian opening, cleverly won a pawn from which he never recovered and an easy endgame win was never in doubt.

8 cumulative defaults means a 2 point deduction. So with just 2 mins, we now only have 2 points. 3 Matches to Save Our Season. SOS – we need more players! 


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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