Essex League: Another defeat against Wanstead

Essex Division 2
Date: Thursday 1 March 2018
Venue: Wanstead House

Board Wanstead II             6-2   Ilford
1 167   Whitton, Terry D ½-½   Barton, Tom A 165 (black)
2 162   Bancroft, Paul        0-1   Kent, Anthony R 151 (white)
3 160   Murrell, Mark R A 1-0   Klimach, Jason W 143
4 151   Jones, Keith S         1-0   Page, Jeffrey 146
5 134   Bui, Kyan               ½-½  Chauhan, Anurag Singh 126
6 140   Nickals, Peter         1-0   Tutu, Marshall 93
7 133   Smith, David          1-d    default
8 130   Siddo, Charlton     1-d    default

(Edited from Jef’s Notes).  Another grim night for Ilford among a bad run of grim nights. The Beast From The East was bringing more snow, but the match rightly went ahead as roads and public transport were all clear.

Jason found Mark Murrell’s Stonewall attack too clever for him and quickly got mated.  Marshall  had a material plus, got into a tangle as Nickal’s Q,N & B mounted strong attack. Anurag has started well for Ilford and his 2 long-range Bishops on an open board were a continual menace to Bui and a draw was soon agreed. Only on the top boards did we shine a wee bit. Tom’s Dutch Leningrad/Reversed Grand Prix defence held Terry Whitton. Anthony got out of some early difficulties and the position below was reached after, 38 Qc2 x g6  Qb7 x b2. White won quickly after that.

AK win v Wanstead.JPG

2 more matches to play.

Tom V Wanstead.JPGAnurag v Wanstead.JPG




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