North Circular League: Grim night in Chingford

North Circular Chess League,   Division A    5.3.18

British Legion, Chingford

          CHINGFORD  5½-½  ILFORD

199 ROBERT EAMES            1-0  TOM BARTON (W)

154 PETER ROSE                    ½   SYD KALINSKY

14 9 DAVID BRADY               1-0  JASON KLIMACH


       ROBIN OAKLEY              1-0   default

       BRIAN SPEAR                  1-0   default

(From Jef’s notes) Another tough night in a run of … A bit of a broken record really.

Jason, unable to make any headway found Brady’s French Defence too tough a nut to crack. Jef sacc’ed a Bishop to destroy Morrell’s kingside defence, quickly won it back, and sent his  King scurrying for cover from g1 right the way over to b3. But, unfortunately, he couldn’t land the killer blow.

Syd did well to hold off Rose’s King’s Indian attack and Tom went close but couldn’t quite hold his endgame together as Eames won a Bishop and then launched an unstoppable a-pawn up the board. Hard times with defaults and match losses and relegation looms large.


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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