Good Draw Against Chingford in NCCL A

After being stuffed 5 1/2 – 1/2 when we went to their place last month, a 3-3 tie in the return match was a good result, particularly as our average grade was 133 versus 146.

North Circular Chess League Division A    Redbridge Social Centre, 16th April 2018

Ilford GRADE SCORE Chingford 1 GRADE
1 Anthony Kent (W) 151 ½ – ½ Gavin Hughes 164
2 Syd Kalinsky 149 ½ – ½ Peter Rose 154
3 Jef Page 146 ½ – ½ David Brady 149
4 Malcolm Gesthuysen 132 1 – 0 Robin Oakley 149
5 Anurag Chauhan 126 ½ – ½ Brian Spear 143
6 Marshall Tutu 93 0 – 1 John Stevens 117
Total 3– 3

(Edited from Jef’s notes) A good way to finish our final match of the season which should ensure our safety from relegation and the drop back to Division B. There were some very good results for our players against Chingford (who outgraded us on every board).

Syd Kalinsky played into a Vienna opening and set up a blockade which Rose couldn’t break down. Anthony Kent and Gavin Hughes settled for a draw in an even middegame (final position below, black to move)


Brian Spear won pawns against Anurag down the c-file, but with a Knight and Rooks potentially causing trouble for Brian, a draw was soon agreed.  Jef somehow held off Brady’s queenside attack against his weak opening, but came up with a tactic to trap his Queen which he could only save by giving up both of his Bishops. On an open board a draw was agreed.

Malcolm was our winner when Oakley misjudged his position in a sharp line of the Steinitz Variation against the French Defence. Things went badly and he lost his Queen for a Knight (see picture below) whilst our only loser was Marshall who, forfeiting too much time on the clock, couldn’t make it up.

Considering we were a promoted club and hanging on a bit, a good end to the season which has been tough against some very strong teams. All being well we will continue in this top division next season.

Malcolm’s position a few moves before white resigned.




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