Essex League – Defeat to Wanstead

This season, we have performed creditably in London League Division 2 and North Circular ‘A’ division. But, no escaping the fact that this is probably our worst ever season in the Essex League, as we head towards relegation to the third tier. In the world of football, the likes of Manchester City and Wolves have recovered from double relegation and prospered, as we will again. We are attracting new players, and squad availability, depth and strength should improve going forward. New members are very welcome to join us in this journey.

Essex Chess League 2017/2018

Division 2 Date: Thursday 19 April 2018 Venue: Wanstead House

Wanstead White on odds

Board Wanstead III 5½-2½ Ilford
1 Chirea-Florica, Tedor-Alin 1 – 0 Barton, Tom 165A
2 134A Bui, Kyan ½-½ Mugalu, Hassan 154A
3 138A Collyer, Alex ½-½ Kent, Anthony 151A
4 130A Siddo, Charlton 1 – 0 Kalinsky, Syd 149A
5 142C Lu, Andy W H 0-1 Page, Jeffrey 146B
6 130A Haddock, Paul ½-½ Chauhan, Anurag Singh 126E
7 120B Sharman, Jay 1 – 0 Tutu, Marshall 093F
8 126B Sweeney, Kevin M 1-d (default)

(Edited from Jef’s notes) Tom Barton was always under pressure on top board, as 2 central pawns came his way. Marshall, although he nicked a pawn, never had good development against Sharman. Syd lost early control against Siddo, and the decision to castle queen side did not go well, as black’s supported a and b pawns led the victory charge to an unstoppable checkmate.

Jef was our only winner taking advantage of Lu’s weak opening. When he couldn’t make progress on the king-side, Jef switched wings, and won the c-pawn backed up by two deadly raking Bishops and centered Rooks.


Our remaining bright spots included Anurag holding his position against Haddock’s Sicilian opening. Anthony Kent had some initiative in a closed Sicilian opening, but did not follow it up. Newcomer Hassan Mugalu forced a draw by repeating rook moves against Bui,  who is clearly a rising star. Black’s has 2 extra pawns, but his queen needs to remain on the d file (final position below).


One more match to go in the Essex League: Monday 30th April, 7.30pm: Ilford v Loughton


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