Disappointing Defeat to Wanstead


Wanstead won the toss- White on odd boards.

Wanstead House, Tuesday 9 October, 7.30pm

Board Wanstead III 4½-3½ Ilford
1 151A Jones, Keith 1-0 Twitchell, Neville H 174B
2 147B Burtt, Laurie 1-d Mugalu, Hassan 164A
3 144A Siddo, Charlton ½-½ Kent, Anthony R 151A
4 143A Collyer, Alex 0-1 Klimach, Jason W 137C
5 140D Lu, Andy W H 1-0 Kalinsky, Syd M 141A
6 131A Smith, David ½-½ Page, Jeffrey 139B
7 131A Haddock, Paul 0-1 Ainkaran, Lavanan 127C
8 108d Barman, Devdoot ½-½ Tutu, Marshall 094D

Wanstead won the toss and were White on odd boards.

(Edited from Jef’s notes)

A poor start to the season for Ilford,though there were some very good personal results.

Anthony Kent set up a good position with an advanced passed pawn but fearing it might fall took a draw. However, this quick draw was immediately followed up as we levelled the match score when Haddock sacrificed a Bishop to try to drive Lavanan’s King out into the open. But when Ainkaran offered to swap Queen’s, Haddock naturally declined- fatally overlooking a simple Q back-rank mate in just 17 moves! Jef did well to hold off Dave Smith’s control of the a-file, but then counter-attacked against his K with Q, R & B which he only just managed to stave off as jef sought for the mate.

Neville Twitchell got into a tangle losing doubled c-pawns from which he never recovered as Jones followed up with a Q, Rook & Knight attack, whilst Kalinsky pushed Lu hard and won a piece but as time ran out, Syd unfortunately blundered in a flurry of moves. Jason did well to defeat Collyer, but probably the best result of the night for us was Marshall who, after working late & rushing to Wanstead, had to give up over 40 minutes on the clock. He still managed to play calmly enough to secure a Rook and pawn endgame draw.

Thanks to everyone who played, and a welcome and timely return to matches from Neville, Lavanan & Marshall.




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