Kings have the Foxgloves on the run

4 very exciting games of attacking chess which are worth playing through.

3-1 victory to Ilford in the end.

 East Ham Foxgloves                                               Ilford Kings

  1. Aircplp      [W]     2013                     1 – 0          gandto  [B]
  2. ConradAllison  [B]   1837 (Fide)     0 – 1           Chessleveller [W]
  3. Mr_Mayhem    [W]    1908              0 – 1           JefPage100  [B]
  4. Dnazreal            [B]   e1638              0 – 1          Jasonthegiant [W]

gandto – Tom Barton, chessleveller – Neville Twitchell, Jefpage100 – Jef Page, Jasonthegiant – Jason Klimach

A very nice win by Neville saw an early point. A Ruy Lopez Morphy defence led to a position after 10 moves which was a forced draw by repetition in a number of top historic master games, including Kaoults v Nigel Short 2012. Rather than accepting the inevitable draw, his opponent gave up a pawn and his position spiraled rapidly down hill. Below, Black has played 19…BxN(d5) and white responded 20. Qc3 ch. Black moved Kg5?? which walks into a 3 move checkmate after 21. f4. Black regretted his decision not to take the draw!

Tom had a very sharp game, a counter-attacking Najdorf, in which he had an opportunity on move 18 to gain a strong edge. Tom thought about the move, but played a variation to the move order which saw loss of material and defeat. In the position below, White has just played BxN(c5), and black has the excellent 18…Nc4! . If 19. Qxb black has Bxa. Black actually played 18….Bxg check, and after 19. f4, the computer gives 19… Bxc which is fairly even, but hard to find.

Jason was on the back foot in the middle game, but gained a pawn, followed by a a piece in the endgame. This then forced the win so we were 2-1 up wth Jef’s game to finish. This went right down to the wire with both players low on time, but Jef found good moves pushing his opponent back by advancing his f and e pawns to secure the win. His next move 45…..Be1 effectively ended the game.


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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