Kings beat the Loughton Lions

 Ilford Kings     4   – 0                Loughton Lions

Thursday 28 January 2021

  1. Gandto          [W]              1 – 0             MartinVanTol [B]  
  2. Chessleveller [B]                1 – 0           kershaw1953
  3. Chessbore     [W]               1 – 0             Bazwold    [B]                    
  4. JefPage100      [B]             1 – 0             HarveyFrench

We won this online match comfortably against one of the weaker sides we’ve faced this season in the League of Mayhem. Not having posted a match report since 2020, now seems a good to resume.

On board 1, Tom Barton playing white got a slightly inferior position against a Sicilian (Adams Attack). As the game developed, he managed to win a pawn and then ran his very strong passed b pawn which won the game.

On Board 4, Jef Page had a level Caro-Kann position with black. His opponent unwisely advanced his g pawn, and Jef grabbed it with his knight, which could not be captured due to a pin. He then had pretty easy time of it and won comfortably.

Anthony Kent (with white on board 3) played a Polar Bear Opening (more interesting name than “Reversed Leningrad”) . This led to some good central pressure, with black having to play accurately. Black played a poor move 23..Qc7-c5 which was met by 24 Rd5 leading to the gain of material and win.

Neville Twitchell’s game (black, board 2) was a made easier when his opponent lost a pawn. A rook an opposite colour bishop ending was reached, but white’s disjointed pawns were too difficult to defend and the game was won.

A good result – a clean sweep.


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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