Ilford Beat Hammersmith in Online London League

Ilford has entered the online London League. There are over 40 4-man teams in 4 divisions. We are possibly the strongest team in the Knight division and we’ve got off to a good start with a 3-1 win. This division is being run on a Swiss pairing basis so the opponents will probably get a little tougher from now on especially if we can keep winning – which would be nice!

The matches are being played on the Tornelo platform. All games to be found on

 Hammersmith Hodgson                       Ilford A

  1. Chris Moore     [W]      0 – 1            Tom Barton
  2. David Lambert   [B]      1 – 0            Neville Twitchell
  3. Paul Van Kan    [W]      0 – 1            Dlawar Hameed
  4. Raluca Stroe     [B]        0 – 1            Anthony Kent

Fairly smooth wins for everyone except Neville who got an interesting but very unbalanced position.

Tom had a very comfortable Kings Indian Defense. Neville played a Lipnitsky Attack against the Sicilian Nadjorf. One move 17 below, he played Rg1 which loses to …Ne5. Stockfish gives 17 Nd5 for white with equality.

Dlawar, on his London League debut for Ilford, was on top for most of the game and reached the following position as black, with white to move. If his opponent would have played 42. g4, the game would have been drawn. After 42 Kf2, black played 42….h5! which created threats on both sides of the board leading to a win.

Anthony obtained a strong Reversed Leningrad Dutch and won comfortably.

Our match next Wednesday 10 Mar at 19.00 is: Ilford A vs Battersea Too


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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