London League: 4-0 win against Streatham & Brixton C

After a 2-2 draw last week against Battersea 2 (wins for Neville and Dlawar, losses for Jef and Anthony), we faced more South London opposition in the Knight division and duly won 4-0.

The matches are being played on the Tornelo platform. All games to be found on

Ilford A                            Streatham & Brixton C

  1. Tom Barton       [W]    1 – 0         Michael Chung, 1630
  2. Dlawar Hameed  [B]   1 – 0         Ruairi Isaacs, 1465
  3. Anthony Kent    [W]    1 – 0         Matt Carter, 1450
  4. Jef Page             [B]        1 – 0        Enitan Obasa, 1158

Tom had a comfortable Scotch game on board 1 exploiting his opponents poor development after black’s 18th move.

Dlawar had a very interesting position after he played the natural 27….f5 which (with hindsight) the computer gives as poor, due to 28. RxB for white which is then broadly equal. Best was 27….Ba8! As it turned out, white blundered 28. Nd2?? and lost his Queen.

Jef scored a comfortable victory as black with the Caro-Kann.

Anthony misplayed a Vienna Frankenstein-Dracula as white after forgetting the theory. The position below occurred after white’s 34. Bd2-c1 to block check. It turned out that Black (Red) could have won with the queen sacrifice 34…QxBch!! (pink line) which after 35. KxB, is followed by 35…Na2 and a mating web! Both players missed that, and black went 34..Nc2?? instead short of time (blue line) giving white a fortunate 35. Qxf7 checkmate!


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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