Ilford Draw With Charlton Chess Mates

After a defeat last week ……a 2-2 draw last week against Charlton in the London Online Chess League (win for Neville and draws for Tom and Jef).

The matches are being played on the Tornelo platform. All games to be found on

Ilford                            Charlton Mates

  1. Tom Barton       [W]    0.5 – 0.5       David Morris 1956
  2. Neville Twitchell [B]   1 – 0          Mateusz Bazan, 1501
  3. Anthony Kent    [W]    0 – 1         David Rogers 1893
  4. Jef Page             [B]        0.5 – 0.5       Humphrey Jones 1784

Board 1 saw a Grand Prix Attack against the Sicilian. It was a game of fluctuating fortunes where white built a promising King Side attack, but failed to capitalize. Tom then built some advantage with black. Below, white has just played 34. Rg3-f3? which would lose to 34….Bh5 (thank you computer analysis). Black played Ne4 and the game become very equal after some exchanges.

On board 2, black’s French defence was in already in huge trouble after move 13 when white played 13. Ng5. Black responded 13…BxN, but 14 hxB was too strong for black to survive.

After Anthony lost on board 3, the team needed a draw to tie the match. Jef duly obliged with his solitary Knight able to hold white’s 2 pawns. Below, white to move can play Nd4 check and black has no way to queen either pawn.


Author: Borehamwood Chess Club

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