Inauspicious start to Ilford’s London League Campaign

9 Nov 2021 – DHSS 1 v Ilford 1

Ilford are in Division 3 East of the reconstituted London League and this was the first match back as over the board chess gets restarted. Unfortunately we were short of two players and had a late Covid withdrawal which made it a 7 board match by agreement with the opposition.

Taha got into trouble in the opening leaving his King stranded in the centre of the board and that eventually proved terminal. Jef came out of the opening OK but then lost the initiative and ended up taking a draw. Venkatesh played the smoothest game of the evening with good control of his game winning a pawn and with positional control converting to a win. Neville went well ahead on the clock in his game, entered an endgame that was about level but then pushed a little too hard. My game was a Kan Sicilian and finished last, it was an interesting encounter where I missed a winning move and with time very short for both me and my opponent we agreed a draw as it was difficult to calculate the best way to take the game forward. See my game here.

With the two defaults we lost the match but over the five boards played we gave a good performance despite being outgraded.

DHSS 1Ilford 1
1Simon Lunn s2007CSimon Lunn had the white pieces1-0Neville H Twitchell s1927BNeville H Twitchell had the black pieces
2Gary Cook s2000C Gary Cook had the black pieces1/2-1/2Tom A Barton s1916D Tom A Barton had the white pieces
3Greg Edwards s1872C Greg Edwards had the white pieces0-1Venkatesh Subramanian s1818DVenkatesh Subramanian had the black pieces
4Brendan O’Gorman s1864ABrendan O'Gorman had the black pieces1/2-1/2Jeffrey Page s1625C Jeffrey Page had the white pieces
5Robert Parsons s1750BRobert Parsons had the white pieces1-0Taha Undre s1554DTaha Undre had the black pieces

With two defaults the match score was 5 – 2 to DHSS

DHSS provided excellent playing conditions for the five games played. Many thanks to their captain David Gilbert.

Tom Barton, LL Captain


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