Ilford scrape ahead of Upminster II in tight match

Essex League  Division 2  – 16.11.21
Jef Page, Captain


1855                  LES CRANE ½ –  ½   NEVILLE TWITCHELL  1923
1780           AIDAN CORISH  1 – 0    ADRIAN JOSEPH  1888
1690              PETER BIGGS  ½ –  ½  CHARUKGAN MUHUNTHAN  1840
1600     MATT GARWOOD  0 – 1  JEF PAGE  1630

Full league details on the ECF LMS website here

A very close match where Ilford only just scraped by even though we outgraded our opponents. But it’s always good to welcome a new Ilford member- Charukgan- making his club debut. He did well always having the better of Biggs and even though Muhunthan won a pawn, in a long, opposite colour Bishop ending, it was never enough to secure the full point.

Twitchell by comparison arrived late, played an Alekhine opening and soon agreed a quick grandmaster draw against Les Crane & Neville was soon on his way home.

I didn’t get a chance to see much of the other games as I was too busy trying to get out of my own mess. Nobody seemed to be doing badly but we went a point down when Joseph lost to Corish but this was levelled by Taha who developed strongly on the Kingside to restrict junior Alex’s development and overwhelm his opening.

The match hinged on my horror-show nightmare of a Caro-Kann opening. Going for broke, I nicked a pawn and as Garwood lost his way I won a Rook for 2 Knights. But with the supported d-pawn I pushed it for home & got both my R’s on the 7th rank to win not just 1, but both N’s, to seal the match win.

This was a win in the olde Ilford style- just about holding the top boards but cleaning up at the bottom. Top of the table 2 wins out of 2, and unbeaten. So far so good.  Next match: 2nd December at Barking. 


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