London League – first win of the season.

LONDON CHESS LEAGUE Div 3 East 2021- Wednesday 22 24.11.21 Citadines Hotel, Holborn. 75 minutes + 15 seconds a move. Metropolitan won the toss, White on odd boards.


1 1923 Neville H TWITCHELL 1-0 KEVIN LENAGHAN 1878 W

2 1818 Venkatesh SUBRAMANIAN 1-0 default (A Amusa) B


4 1750 Anthony R KENT 1-0 CHARLES COOKE 1743

5 1680 Shakeel CHOUDHURY 1-0 CHEIKH NDIAYE 1690

6 1636 Jef PAGE 0-1 RONAN KELLY 1660

Iford defaulted boards 7 & 8

(Edited from Jef Page’s nates notes)With regular captain Tom Barton away, Jef took duities. A very good and amazingly easy Ilford win having conceded 2 defaults before a pawn was even moved, and rarety, winning all 5 top boards. One of the keys to winning a match is always getting a full team sitting down and playing, and Metropolian suffered when their board 2 failed to arrive so we cut the deficit to 1-2. The Citadine hotel venue remains an excellent venue – after a gap of over 18 months- but tables and boards are now more distaced distanced with 1 board per table and everyone in the room wearing a mask, except those with medical exemptions. Brian Smith did well to organise the matches being played.

Anthony Kent led off for Ilford with a Bird’s attack crushing the life out of Cooke’s position. Tony doubled his Rooks on the d-file and with both Knight’s hitting d6 and Cooke’s pieces huddled in a mass around his fearful Queen the result was never in doubt. Black to move below resigned.

Winning attack on board 1
Anthony’s position when Black to move resigned on Board 4

Aidan won a knight and mopped up the endgame and Neville forced a well-supported pawn up board for a fine win. New team member Shakeel Choudhury had a very tricky game. The pawn structure disintegrated for both players as Shakeel tried to develop his pieces but when his Q finally invaded the Kingside and with Ndiayes’s attack stopped, the match result was clinched. Jef entered a same coloured bishop ending a pawn down. 5-3 win for Ilford in the end.

Jef and Shakeel deep in thought on boards 5 and 6


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