London League Win against Kings Head 2

London League D3 East. 4 May 2022
Tom Barton, Captain

Kings Head defaulted the bottom two boards in this match. We also substantially out graded them on the remaining boards so not surprisingly we ran out an easy winners 7.5 – 0.5

Aidan won early on and Venkatesh reached a position where a draw was agreed. With Anurag winning his game played in the lobby where he was moving the pieces for his opponent it was only on the top three boards where we were being stretched at all. Neville looked to be losing but in a sharp game his opponent blundered to gift Neville the point. I reached a level looking endgame but used my knight to good effect to win the exchange and obtain a resignation. Dlawar was last to finish, he had made steady progress to a won position when his opponent lost on time.

 Ilford 1GRADESCOREKings Head 2EGRADE  
1Dlawar Hameed19501 – 0Bill Osbourne1699
2Neville Twitchell      19231 – 0Peter Grant-Ross1690
3Tom Barton              19081 – 0Richard Balatoni1686
4Venkatesh Subramanian1818½ – ½Faye Ainscow1597
5Aidan Corish17801 – 0Alistair Morton1586
6Anurag Chauhan17731 – 0John McGann1188
7Jef Page16301 – 0default 
8Taha Undre15401 – 0default 
 Total 7½ – ½  

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