London League Thrashing!

London League D3 East – 25 May 2022
Tom Barton, Captain

A disappointing loss of 7 – 1 in this match, the only win was by Rahul.
Neville arrived slightly late, got into difficulties and departed early. Dlawar had a challenge playing a FM on board one and he tried getting out of any standard lines but the decision not to castle proved to be a mistake. Last to finish were Jef and myself. I had equality for much of the game but my opponent had the bishop pair and I made a mistake allowing him to clear pawns and open the board up which made his bishops powerful.

We were out-graded overall, and heavily so on some boards so the result was not that surprising.

1Rafe Martyn23951 – 0Dlawar Hameed1950
2Sam Walker21731 – 0Neville Twitchell      1923
3Simon Lunn20251 – 0Tom Barton              1908
4Greg Edwards18560 – 1Rahul Ghosee1850
5Ray Harper18021 – 0Anthony Kent1750
6Rob Parsons17551 – 0Jef Page1630
7Stephen Pride16461 – 0Taha Undre1540
8  1 – 0 forfeit 
 Total 7 – 1  

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