Easy Essex League win

Essex League D2 – 30 May 2022
Ilford won the toss, White on odd boards.
Time control: 80 minutes plus 10 seconds a move.
Jef Page, Captain

                                     ILFORD  5½ – ½   LOUGHTON II

1923                  NEVILLE TWITCHELL 1-0    KEN GROCE  1713  b

1908                            TOM BARTON   ½      GRAHAM KERSHAW  1675  w

1830                           RAHUL GHOSE  1-0    MYLES BRUNGER  jun


1750                                TONY KENT  1-0     MICHAEL SMITH  1308

1630                                    JEF PAGE 1-0     J BRUNGER

Our final match of the Essex Chess League season and a storming way to finish it though one Ilford player missed out. Up against a strong Ilford team Loughton had little chance.

Venkatesh arrived late but soon made up for it by going 2 Bishops up and the result was never in doubt whilst Bunger junior was also quickly overwhelmed when he made a bad error against Rahul. Close behind them was Tony whose Bird’s type opening led to a storming Kingside pawn push which crushed the life out of Sargent’s opening. I also had little trouble when Brunger elder blundered away a pawn in the opening and as the pieces came off I was able to win further pawns and a Rook.  But on the top boards it wasn’t so easy even though I won the toss to give Neville the relief of white pieces (after 7 blacks). When I tossed the coin up to decide colours I thought Kershaw saw that it came down tails but he still wrongly called heads. Groce played a clever French Defence and it took a bit of calm positional play from Neville to find the win. But Tom wasn’t so lucky and suffered from not playing the best Sicilian opening but still managed to secure a ½ at the close.

Only a moderate season overall blighted by defaults. I will complete a full list of scores for everyone over the 7 matches: won 5, lost 2. Thanks to everyone who played and helped out arriving early & helping us set up matches and clearing away at the end. We now move on to rapidplay matches through the summer.


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