London League – Comprehensive win against Metropolitan

London League D3 East, Metropolitan 2 v Ilford 1 75min+10sec
15 June 2022 – Tom Barton

After being walloped last match by DHSS 1-7 we turned this around to thrash Metropolitan 7-1. In both matches the grading advantage proved decisive.

Aidan’s opponent failed to show so after a 60 minute wait he claimed the default. Venkatesh was next to finish with a win and Neville drew after playing a provocative “wing” opening gambit. Rahul looked to be in control and winning but his opponent fended him off to take it into an endgame. Anurag drew, Taha won and that left three boards which went to late in the evening. Rahul, well ahead on the clock, got the better of his endgame to win. I managed to get a win from what I think was a drawn position and Dlawar broke through to wrap up the thumping win.

Her are links to games from the top three boards:
Dlawar Hameed
Neville Twitchell
Tom Barton

Toss won by: Metropolitan – White on odd boards

BdMetropolitan 2GRADESCOREIlford 1GRADE (Sept 21)
1Jan Lepetun18400 – 1Dlawar Hameed1950
2Younis Quershi1846½ – ½Neville Twitchell1923
3Jonathan Marrow18330 – 1Tom Barton1918
4Bengo Amusa18180 – 1Rahul Ghosee1850
5Geoff Bishop17180 – 1Venkatesh Subramanian1818
6default17430 – 1Aidan Corish1780
7Ronan Kelly1660½ – ½Anurag Chauhan1773
8Noel Stewart16450 – 1Taha Undre1540
 Total 1 – 7  

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