Another Essex D2 Win

Ilford 1 v Brentwood 1, 6 February 2023.
Essex D2, 6 board match, G80 + 10. Toss won by Ilford-  White on odd boards.
Jef Page, captain.

Time Control: 80 minutes + 10 seconds a move.

1935                   TOM BARTON    ½   MALCOLM KINGSLEY 1859
1929                   RAHUL GHOSE 0-1  ROB J DAVIES 1788
1965         NEVILLE TWITCHELL 1-0  MICHAEL MASON  1750 
1630                  ADRIAN JOSEPH 1-0  COLIN ELLIS  1875
1688              JEF PAGE  1-0  default
1818                             Average grade                 1413

The average grade shows Ilford were far stronger so it was no surprise we won the match. We started off 1-nil up as Brentwood arrived a man short which Captain Colin Ellis generously warned me about the night before. It was a match of 2 Rook for Knight sacrifices both of which worked in their different ways. Venkatesh looked to be having difficulty developing his pieces so gambling, and having control of the c-file, he sac’d his R for N & a pawn and suddenly it was Crossley under pressure. With Subramanian’s 2 knights hopping around the board the issue was settled with a lovely,sweet smothered mate.

Davies, who used to play for us, had a strong attack and sac’d his R for N to dominate the centre of the board. But Rahul fought back and invaded white’s position with Queen & Rook chasing Rob’s King out from g1 to the safety of h6 (!) and suddenly Ghose found he couldn’t mate Davies, and worse, Rahul couldn’t stop a 1-move mate.  Neville always had the advantage over Mason’s Caro-Kann opening, won his isolated Q-pawn and the minor-piece & pawns ending was never really in doubt. Tom on board 1 gained lots of space sending all his Q-side pawns up to the 4th rank, but unable to gain any real advantage over Kingsley with material level, accepted a draw. Adrian Joseph made a welcome return to Ilford and had Ellis in trouble right from the opening for whilst delaying his development Adrian controlled the board with his pawns. When his Q attacked the Q-side he won a Bishop & a N. Ellis fought back well to run a pawn dangerously down the board to the 2nd rank but pieces down, he lost control and once the pawn disappeared, the threat and game was over.

We are now unbeaten, 5/5. Nice to be top of the tree for the moment, for a change.


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