London League Pasting

London League D2 match – Dulwich 1 v Ilford 1 – 1 February 2023.
8 board match, G75 + 15
Tom Barton, captain.

Ryan Randall (b) 2229K                 1-0         Tom Barton (w) 1935K             +294
Andrew M Pridding (w) 2188K    1-0         Neville H Twitchell 1965K            +223
IM Petr Marusenko 2193K           1-0               Venkatesh Subramanian 1801K  +392
Haran Rasalingam 2043K              1-0         Jeffrey Page 1644K        +399
Peter A Andrews 2011K                1-0         Adhar Jaiswal 1556P    +455
Benjamin K Simpson 1915K         1-0         Daniel Lowe 1840P       +75
Walk Over           1-0         For Feit
Walk Over           1-0         For Feit
match result: 8 — 0

Dulwich pulled out their strongest team of the season so far and having defaulted the bottom two boards already (train strikes didn’t help) we were very heavily out graded (Mean rating Dulwich 2096, Ilford 1790: Δ = 306 !!) and looking for inspiration to get something out of the match. Venkatesh played an IM; Jef and Adhar had deltas of 399 point and 455 points respectively! Looking round the boards the team gave a good account of itself and no one rolled over. Jef had a very cramped French position which he managed to wriggle to a slightly better position. Neville had chances in his game and maybe should have traded Queens when he had the chance. Dan was well up on the clock but pawns down. The losses ticked in and at the death mine was the last game and I was trying to get something to avoid a complete rout. My opponent and I got down to under 5 minutes each; with a draw possible I cracked under the time pressure. My opponent provided the following feedback and link to the game:

“According to lichess (, Bxg7 was the only mistake/blunder in the game. A good quality game to that point, and I’d resigned myself to a likely draw if you’d played Kg1. (Ryan)”

So an 8-0 thrashing. We need to take the positives of getting to play chess against strong opposition – the only way to learn!

We are halfway through our LL season having played five of the ten matches and are at the bottom of the table.


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