Life in London Division 2

Not the best start to the season after relegation to London League Division 2…….


To miquote Lady Bracknall, one late withdrawal is unfortunate, but two late withdrawals left us with needing wins to get anything. Our points came from draws on the night, and Julian’s passed rook’s pawn won post adjournment. The only way is up.

Streatham & Brixton 2 GRADE SCORE ILFORD GRADE

1 Robin Haldane 188         ½ – ½    Paolo Casaschi (w)175
2 Andrew Ponting 171      ½ – ½    Neville H Twitchell (b)173
3 James McDonnell 169   ½ – ½    Tom A Barton 167
4 Martin Smith 173           ½ – ½     Gary Thurston est 164
5 Alan Hayward 168           1 – 0     Aidan Corish159
6 Antony Hall 165                0 -1      Julian Hudson 154
7 Jagdip Patel 155            ½ – ½     Anthony Kent 153
8 Nello Attianese 165       1 – 0     Jeffrey Page 130
9 Walkover                           1 – 0      Forfeited
10 Walkover                         1 – 0      Forfeited
Total                                      6½ – 3½


Ilford Enter the North Circular League

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

…and win our first match!

Redbridge Social Centre, Monday 19th September, 7.30pm

ILFORD                                        4-1   WANSTEAD 3
UMAR YUNIS                            1-0    MARK MURRELL 157
MARSHALL TUTU                  0-1      K JARDINE 108

An excellent start for Ilford in the NCCL beating Wanstead 3, our local. It’s a new league and venture for us, and there are many more matches against strong teams to come. Our 3 juniors on boards 2, 3, and 4 completely outplayed higher graded adults.
Lavanan quickly established a strong King’s Gambit attack against Collyer’s Falkbeer opening which went badly wrong and Ainkaran mopped up the endgame: King, rook and pawn against a lone, overworked knight and King. Similarly Leonardo’s kingside attack was at first held up by Siddo, but holding a pawn advantage into the endgame Stefanoni marched his King and pawns up the board to victory. On board 2 Murrell had a constrained opening tied and mislaid a knight to Umar’s Queen, knight and bishop attack. Paul Barclay was reduced to passive defence but eventually Neville blasted his way through. Our only loser was Marshall which was very generous of us as we allowed Jardine to play even though we could have defaulted him for arriving too late. But his play was strong once he had regained his breath, settled down, and he won the ending.
In this league the away team always has white on board 1.