A welcome win in the Essex League

Essex Chess League Division 2
Monday 21st January
Report by Jef Page


166 Tom
½ Colin
172 (w)
174 Neville
1-0 Ken
145  (b)
164 Hassan
1-0 K.
151 Anthony
½ Gholamreza
141 Syd
1-0 John
137 Jason
1-0 George
127 Lavanan
1-0 Vladimir
094 Marshall
0-1 M.

Ilford made some slight improvements for this return home match against Barking II, like putting out a stronger team, tweaking the board order and not having a default this time. If we can solve these little problems consistently we can do far better. And again the luxury of being non-playing captain- for 2 matches in a row. Amazing!

The match stated well for us as Neville’s good development allowed him to sac’ a pawn to pressurize Clow’s position and when Ken overlooked an undefended knight the game didn’t last much longer. Kent & Ansari agreed a quick grandmaster draw but Ramage began to put pressure on Barton’s centre and queenside. Taking the top spot for a change to give Neville a rest, Tom held his concentration and calmly did enough to hold his position together.

On the lower boards we overwhelmed Barking winning 3 of the bottom 4. Kalinsky always had the better of Figgins and a strong K-side attack won Syd a bishop. Lavanan likewise set up a strong pawn-centre and after he won a knight, with queen, rook and extra knight he mated Chtym. Klimach won an errant pawn and so dominated the opening and after wiping out George’s queen-side pawns raced one of his own home to victory although George rather gave it away tamely allowing his extra king-side pawn to be easily captured. Mugalu finally won a game for Ilford but Polak also rather gave it away as well wasting his strong queen-side pawn attack sacrificing rook for knight and then losing on time. Our only loser was Tutu who whilst he won a knight had opened up files against his castled K-side position and as he was well down on the clock found it too difficult to avoid losing.

Brentwood lead division 2 followed by Upminster II and Loughton. This result takes us off the bottom in our efforts to avoid relegation – for the moment at least.


Heavy Defeat Against Strong Barnet Team

North Circular Chess League, Division A, 16 January 2019
Barnet  5½-½  Ilford
Report by Jef Page

Grade BARNET  5½ – ½   ILFORD Grade
209        T GAVRIEL 1-0  JULIAN HUDSON  176 (w)
195          R SAGALL 1-0  TOM BARTON 168
168          J RUBECK   ½  TONY KENT 151
158           P MYERS 1-0  SYD KALINSKY 141
125          M JONES 1-0  MALCOLM GESTHUYSEN 139

The rare luxury  of being non-playing captain wasn’t worth anything as Ilford suffered a grim night against a very strong team.

The match started badly for us as Malcolm Gesthuysen played into a poor opening but worse, suffered a quick defeat in barely 13 moves as Mike Jones checkmated him with just rook and knight. This was followed by Julian Hudson allowing Gavriel to swiftly bring his queen into the attack and then Julian erred badly missing a check that cost him a rook and the game. Ethelontis and Sagall both had good positions and wore down their opponents. Neville could never break out of his cramped position and Tom held on into the endgame as well but a final passed pawn left Sagall a clear winner.

Only 2 of our players had plus positions. Kalinsky’s delayed King’s Gambit type opening and development was fine but he lost control and a knight. Rubeck sac’ed a bishop for a rook which gained him no advantage but Tony Kent had to take care and with time running short on both clocks they agreed draw.

 We are still seeking our first match win in the North Circular League this season.

Jef Page.

Heavy concentration on the endgame between Ethelontis and Twitchell
Draw agreed as time runs out on board 4.

Close match against strong Barking team

North Circular Chess League   Division A
Monday 7th January
Report by Jef Page

At 7pm I had a full team but at 7.15 I found I had lost a player so again we started a match a player down. But even with this default Barking, with a strong team out, only just scraped by us 2½ – 3½

GradeIlford 1ScoreBarking 1Grade
0 – 1Jeff
½ – ½Peter
½ – ½John WHITE170
1 – 0Colin
139Jef PAGE½ – ½John
default 0 – 1Ken CLOW

I and Figgins played into a dismal Alekhine’s opening where Queen’s are swapped off early with no advantage to either of us. But for here on the games got tasty. 

Colin Ramage went rampaging into Klimach’s Sicilian defence with a Morra Gambit Accepted but Jason blocked off the loose c-file and with Colin losing his way trying to find a winning K-side attack, Jason picked off enprise pieces. Syd played well to hold off John White who even with two outside passed pawns couldn’t force them home in a R&P endgame. Jeff Goldberg managed to isolate Neville’s c-pawn and whilst Neville held on, Jeff ground out an endgame win.

The match result hinged on Tom’s game when he wriggled out of awkward position to win a knight for a couple of pawns. But trying to force his own passed pawn home he lost it and then was reduced to having his knight halt the progress of Jaskwiskyj’s own passed pawn and whilst a draw was a good result for Tom it couldn’t save the match.

No Christmas presents at Chingford!

North Circular Chess League – 17 December 2018
Based on report by Jef Page

1 – 0Syd Kalinsky141
156David Brady1 – 0Jason
158Peter Rose1 – 0Jef Page139
1 – 0default
146Brian Spear1 – 0default

Another grim night for Ilford with no Christmas gifts from Chingford as they turned out their top player. Unfortunately, although I had a full team in the morning, by match time one player failed to arrive and Tom Barton was ill so everyone moved up a board.

Kalinsky got a good position out of the opening against Gavin Hughes- they only played each other last week – but lost a  Bishop, and then Jason lost a pawn to Brady and Klimach’s knight sacrifice to threaten mate got nowhere.

Only I and Neville really put our opponents under pressure. Burgoyne put me in glue in the opening but when I finally broke out to counter-attack with Queen &Bishop I chased his King out to g6, however, with no time left and no defence left around my own King, a slight inaccuracy allowed him to checkmate me. Twitchell playing really well got the better of Eames and as both raced to queen a pawn and win a Rook & pawn endgame, Neville had more than enough to secure his half.

A tough end to 2018.

NCCL – An Ilford score of two halves

North Circular Chess League   DIVISION A
Ilford 1½ – 4½  Chingford I
29 October 2018

An Ilford score of two halves: the top half good, the bottom half bad.

Neville has had some good wins over Gavin Hughes but this time Gavin found a better defence and held. Tony played well to gain a half and Tom almost won a R&P endgame against Brady. Tom played well, until he was a pawn up, then it got shaky as Brady’s play sharpened up and he clawed the pawn back and secured a draw.

Syd won a pawn but couldn’t hold on, I blundered in the endgame when running out of time also a pawn up with a good position, and Brian Spear made short work of Marshall. We let this match slip away too easily as we should have made the score much closer.

Jef Page.

Ilford 1 Grade Result Chingford 1 Grade
Neville TWITCHELL 174 ½-½ Gavin HUGHES 157
Tom BARTON 166 ½-½ David BRADY 156
Anthony KENT 151 ½-½ Peter ROSE 158
Syd KALINSKY 141 0-1 Peter BURGOYNE 152
Jef PAGE 139 0-1 Robin OAKLEY 145
Marshall TUTU 94 0-1 Brian SPEAR 146

Third loss in a row in the London League

Metropolitan 1    7.5 – 1.5    Ilford 1        with 1 Adjourned
London League D2 – 25 October 2018

Lacking three boards for a full team it was no surprise that Ilford lost this match. Good draws for Les, Anthony and Aidan. Julian’s adjourned position doesn’t look too good – see below.

A full team is required for the next match!

Tom Barton

  Metropolitan 1 GRADE SCORE Ilford 1 GRADE
1 David Norton 198 1 – 0 Tom Barton             (b) 166
2 Tanguy Defleselle 198 Adj Julian Hudson         (w) 176
3 Ian Calvert 177 ½ – ½ Les Crane 156
4 Adam Bedi 166 ½ – ½ Anthony Kent 151
5 Adam Squibbs 174 ½ – ½ Aidan Corish 156
6 Soumen Roy 172 1 – 0 Jef Page 139
7 Fraser Lees 164 1 – 0 Jason Klimach 137
8 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
9 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
10 Walkover   1 – 0 Forfeit  
  Total   7½ – 1½    

Adjournment   Hudson – Defleselle – white to play


Julian considers his next move


Ilford wiped out of Lawrance Cup by Barnet

NCCL Lawrance Cup:  Ilford 1-7 Barnet
Two game rapidplay match as b&w, 30 minutes each per game.
Monday 22 October 2018

Short and not very sweet. Barnet arrived at Ilford with a very strong team and wiped us out of the Cup. It may not be our top priority this season but still disappointing.

The only Ilford player to ruin a consistent nil score for all of us was Tom who won well in round 1.

We now settle back to league matches.

Jef Page.

Ilford Grade Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Barnet Grade
Neville Twitchell 174 0 – 1 0 – 1 Roy Sagall 195
Tom Barton 166 1 – 0 0 – 1 Alex Ethelontis 197
Anthony Kent 151 0 – 1 0 – 1 Jon Rubeck 168
Jef Page 139 0 – 1 0 – 1 Philip Myers 158
1 – 3 0 – 4