Win Away to Upminster

First the result…

Essex Chess League  Division 2 Tuesday 17th January,   St Laurence Church Hall, Upminster.


2. 144            N KHODA 0-1 TOM BARTON  167 b
3. 144  ROB IANNETTA 0-1 TONY KENT 153
5. 168  J HANNAFORD  0-1  JEF PAGE 130
6. 145 P ROSENFELD  1-0  default
8. 112      NIGEL NICE    ½   LAVANAN AINKARAN 103

The match started badly for Ilford as unfortunately one of our players failed to arrive and Leonardo grabbed a pawn but lost a piece. so we were 2-0 down.

But from here on we went on a winning sequence as Hannaford made a complete mess of a Morra gambit Accepted opening and Jef was well on top. Anthony Kent turned a centre counter into a Caro Kann and built up a big advantage in an open game, eventually going a whole Rook up (see diagram below).  Syd’s long-range bishop on the diagonal enabled him to control the centre, then send a pawn up the board, and run it home to queen. Lavanan with good Queen & Knight counter-play, did just enough to hold off Nice’s strong Queen attack and get his draw.

So the match was tied at 3-3 and the result hinged on the top two boards. Tom got the worst of a  Sicilian Dragon, Soltis Variation, and was forced to give up his Queen for 2 Rooks. However, Khoda then blundered, losing his Queen for a Rook. Photo below shows Tom’s position when a Rook for Bishop and pawn up. On board 1 Neville was under pressure in a cramped position and was reduced to giving up his Bishop for pawns. But with only seconds left Neville held his nerve, and with Aidan playing cautiously was unable to mate, so he got the draw.

This win takes us back to the top of division 2 though Southend have matches in hand.

All to play for

Boards 1 and 2                           Iannetta v Kent, Black to move


Ilford ahead in tight London League match against Lewisham

In a tight match last night Ilford pulled ahead in the final few minutes of quickplay finishes when David Millward won with only a minute (or less!) on his clock and Tom Barton managed to scrape a draw in a game that he was losing. Ilford stand 5-4 up with one game adjourned; this is Julian Hudson’s game where he has good drawing chances. Given Ilford have the top two teams to play in the second half of the season, at least a half, and possibly a point from this match, is very useful.
Full details on the London League web-site:

Ilford lose Finchley Cup semi-final on tie-break

Ilford lost a tight match last night to Loughton in the North Circular League Finchley Cup. The format was a four board match with two rounds of games of 30 minutes each. After round one Syd was our only player to score a win and we were down by a point, however, in round two Syd repeated his win. With Neville and Anthony both drawing Jason needed a win but was well behind on the clock and also a pawn down. Jason held his nerve but with his opponent’s clock also running down the game was agreed a draw, this brought the overall match score level at 4-4. Sadly for us the tie-break eliminates results from the bottom and so Ilford are out of this year’s Finchley Cup.


Ilford chess Club 2016 Year-end Report

ILFORD CHESS CLUB- end of year report 2016 (from Jef Page’s notes)


A good end to 2016. we are doing OK and harbour hopes of winning both divisions- IF (big capital letters) we win all our remaining matches.

In the ECL we have played 4 matches: 1 won, 2 draws, 1 loss. Good but not earth shattering, but we have a chance. Southend walloped us 0.5 – 7.5, and we have to play them at the seaside. But they in turn lost to Barking so if we can take a strong team to Southend…

In the NCCL, our new venture this year, we have started well and are the only unbeaten team in division B (similar level to Division 2 in Essex).

NCCL 6 matches:  4 won, 2 drawn, and lie 2nd to Chingford, just a point behind, but we have matches in hand on them.  Leading individual scores so far:

ECL: Neville Twitchell, Jef Page 2½/4; Tom Barton 2/3 Unbeaten.

NCCL: Neville 3½/5, Jef Page 3/5; Leonardo Stefanoni 3/3 Unbeaten.

January matches

Mon    9th  Ilford  v  Loughton   NCCL. Rapidplay Semi-final.  Home

Tue   17th Upminster II  v Ilford  ECL  Away

Wed 25th Loughton I v Ilford    NCCL Away

Mon 30th Ilford  v  Enfield I       NCCL Home

London League Division 2

A win, 2 draws and a defeat so far.






Chugging Along in Chingford

Ilford arrived at the British Legion in London E4 in a variety of ways for our last match of 2016: by car, bus and London Overground. For once we outgraded our opponents on every board, which we made tell in our favour in the end, as they were weaker than expected with a few top players missing.

Neville deployed his favourite, sharp (top secret) Queen’s pawn opening and with Strachan erring, the game finished very quickly. Jef wasn’t far behind as Allison made a mess of defending against his King’s Gambit Accepted and at the close he was a Rook & two Knights ahead to a lone Bishop.

From here on it got harder as Tom’s Classical Dutch Defence was well held by Brian Spear neat opening line, and neither could Syd make any headway against Maynes. Our only loser was Anthony Kent who pushed too hard for a pawn breakthrough against the Scicilan, but his pawn structure wasn’t solid. Instead of keeping things tight, good counter-attacking pawn play by Rose saw him break through decisively with Queen and Rook for a deserved win.


British Legion,  Chingford.   19.12.16

CHINGFORD 2         2-3    ILFORD


151   BRIAN SPEAR           ½  TOM BARTON 166  b

141  PETER ROSE               1-0 ANTHONY KENT 153


120 ANDREW ALLISON    0-1   JEF PAGE 130



Club Opening Times Over Christmas And New Year

Due to an away match at Chingford in the North Circular league, the club will be closed on Monday 19th December. The club will also be closed on the 26th December and 2nd January, reopening on Monday 9th January with a home match in the Finchley Cup and Junior chess coaching.

Happy Christmas, Chanukah, Winterval to everyone and see you in the new year.


A Win at Wanstead

North Circular Chess League  Division B

Wanstead House, 8th December 2016

Result:   WANSTEAD 3     2-3    ILFORD

146   KEITH JONES            ½   NEVILLE TWITCHELL 173 w

134   CHARTON SIDDO    0-1   ANTHONY KENT 153  b

130   JOHN  KEEHNER      1-0   SYD KALINSKY 148

105   JOHN JESTICO           ½    JEF PAGE  130

95   NIGEL WHITE           0-1   HOWARD BERLIN 127

Not our greatest victory, given our grading advantage on all boards.  However, this pleasing win against our local rivals puts us into 2nd place chasing the leaders, Chingford, whom we face in a week’s time. We have done the ‘double’ over Wanstead having beaten them by the same score just a month ago. Admittedly, on this occasion they were playing another match on the same night, which probably ruled out one or two of their stronger eligible players.

Howard Berlin outplayed Nigel White in the opening. He quickly won a knight and easily cleaned up the endgame. This gave us an early advantage which we never let go, but from here on it was much harder. Keith Jones defended really well to stay level in the endgame and secure his half against Neville’s favourite sharp opening (too secret to reveal here). Jef set up an attack against John Jestico’s kingside, but did not follow it up sufficiently and Jestico levelled. Syd Kalinsky got little joy against John Keehner’s Sicilian,  so the match result hinged on Anthony Kent’s game. We may be heading out of Europe through ‘Brexit’, but a multi Euro-wide opening was featured as he translated a Polish opening into a Leningrad Dutch defence. He aggressively established a strong, advanced pawn chain (See seasonal Christmas Tree formation below), picked off an under-protected Bishop, with a Queen checkmate to eventually follow.

Last match before Christmas, 19th December: Chingford v Ilford. This match effectively determines who will lead the division at the end of the year.